Invest in Meat Cutting Machine
Invest in Meat Cutting Machine

Meat is a favorite food for many Kenyans, and therefore opening a butchery would be considered a pretty good business move. One of the most essential pieces of equipment that a butcher will requires a meat cutting machine. This article gives a brief overview of that butchery meat cutting machine price in Kenya.


Meat cutting machines come in different types and sizes, depending on the meat cutting solution they proffer. There are those for use in home kitchens, and then there are those that are designed for commercial purposes. The meat cutting machine price in Kenya will therefore be based on the machine type, size, quality, and capability. For a butchery, the machine to go for would be the bone saw machine which will also be able to cut the meat itself. 

The bonesaw/meat cutting machine price in Kenya as mentioned earlier will depend on several factors as follows.

Type of Machine

Meat cutting machines can be broadly grouped into two general categories which are, manual machines and electric machines. Obviously, the electric machines will be more convenient, easier to use, better suited for larger volumes of work, and consequently, they will also be more expensive than their manual counterparts. If your start-up budget will be able to accommodate it, the electric machines would be the option to pick. They cut quicker and more precisely with less effort, and are safer to use.

Size of Machine

The bigger the machine, the larger the volume of meat it will be able to cut. The size of the machine you should choose will depend on your anticipated and projected meat cutting needs. The meat cutting machine price in Kenya for the bigger machines will definitely be greater than the price for the smaller machines. 

Quality of Machine

Quality is usually one of those factors that you should not compromise on, as much as is possible. This is because, although higher quality machines are also more expensive, they may prove to be cheaper in the long run. For instance, higher quality machines are more durable. Nobody wants to keep fixing and replacing machine parts within short time frames which may prove to be costly, which might just be the result of buying the cheaper machines.

Again, the higher quality machines will be safer to use. This will reduce the risk of bodily hurt and the hospital bills that may follow. If you want a quality machine that is reliable and efficient, you should be ready to cough out more money for it.

Capability of Machine

What a machine is capable of depends on the power that drives it. Power is the ability to get work done; the more the power, the better the results. Every butcher’s desire, therefore, would be to have a power saw. Higher-powered machines, however, carry a higher price tag.


To secure the best bone saw machine price in Kenya, all the above factors should be well-considered and weighed in the balance of your particular desires and requirements. This way, you can be assured that you will get the right machine at the right price.