A Complete Guide on Tampons

A Complete Guide on Tampons

If you are reading this, you probably have had your period for many years. But, do you really know what is in your tampons? Do you know what the packaging means?

Suppose you have only just started your period, welcome! You have come to the right place to get proper information on what kinds of tampons are safest to use and how to choose the best size for you.

All tampons are not created equally.

The tampons on the mainstream market are not great for your vaginal health. They are also not so hot for the environment. When choosing a tampon, there are some key points to consider. This includes:

  • Are they organic?
  • Do they contain harmful chemicals?
  • Are they ethically sourced?

If you use tampons from Rael, you will benefit from toxin-free, organic cotton tampons.

Why chemical-free tampons?

Many of the tampons on the market contain glyphosate, dioxins, dyes, and fragrances. When using products with these characteristics, you are increasing your chance of infection, inflammation, and dysregulated hormones.

So, what does the packing really mean?

You have probably seen light, regular, super, and super plus written on the packaging for your tampons. While this is helpful, not every company has the same standards as to what that means. Rael explains what the R on tampons mean in that it is simply a part of the brand. They note the absorbency levels with the full written words.

Light, regular, super, and super plus usually refer to absorbancy levels.

How do you know you are using the right size tampon?

First things first, you need to be paying attention. If you feel like your tampon is dry and scratching against your vaginal walls as you remove it, it is at too high of an absorbancy level. If you experience frequent leaking, you need a more absorbent tampon.

The benefits of using the best tampons out there.

When you choose natural, organic tampons, you say yes to whole-person wellness. Because your vaginal walls are filled with absorbent mucous membranes, the tampons you use really matters. Otherwise, you are inundating your body with potentially harmful toxins.

Not only do you decrease the harmful toxins in your body, but you are also reducing the toxicity in the environment. Organic, natural materials are made to reduce carbon footprint and create less fossil fuel use.

To increase your positive affect on the environment, it is also important to remember not to flush your tampons. This can clog up sewage and septic systems. Plus, those harmful toxins add to their environmental impact.

Take care of your body, and the rest will follow.

The fact you are reading these words shows that you are interested in best practices for your wellness and the environment.

When you choose ethical, health-conscious materials, you are choosing better health. Rael is a company that can help you meet these goals. You will find that your vaginal health is increased. Plus, you will sleep easier knowing you are making a decision that positively benefits the earth.