9 Important Things To Know When Relocating To A New Office Premises

When relocating your entire office, inventory, and workforce to a new location, there are a multitude of considerations that will naturally be at the forefront of your mind, not least how to keep the expense down as much as possible. You won’t be alone in not being entirely too sure what these considerations should be. Therefore, here are nine of the most important things to know when relocating to a new office premises, for business managers and business owners alike.

1.   Always Overestimate Financial Costs

As with other major changes in anyone’s life, relocating your entire team and itinerary to a brand new location will undoubtedly always incur more costs than you would like and, to the business’s obvious detriment, more than you have budgeted for.

There is a plethora of hidden costs when moving office location, including, but in no way limited to:

  • Hidden building repair work, be it structural or aesthetic
  • The building survey prior to signing the new contract
  • Expected rates increase for utilities and other services
  • Stamp Duty
  • Reviews on rent
  • Agent’s fees
  • Buildings insurance, especially if the new premises are larger than the previous ones

2.   Ensure You Create A Full And Detailed Inventory

As one hopes, you will already be fully aware, the most effective way of maximizing potential sales is to ensure your business inventory is consistently and thoroughly managed. Logically, therefore, before moving to a new building, it is strongly advisable to undertake a complete and detailed inventory of everything your business owns. Be sure to categorize each section, from the warehouse to the shop floor to the office, and simultaneously start to build an idea of how much equipment and/or technology you will not be transferring to the new building.

3.   Utilize External Storage Units

The convenience of external storage units is fairly unrivaled when it comes to the safe and secure storage of your company’s equipment and technologies, especially if, like most established businesses, you are likely to own outdated equipment that you don’t regularly use yet need to maintain. Utilizing a company like storagearea to find storage space in and around Los Angeles, CA, ensures a more organized and less chaotic transition from your old premises to the new location.

4.   Negotiate New or Existing Utility Contracts

In the same way that you would have done when you moved from one personal property to another, the day your business premises’ contract begins is the first day you will be charged for any electricity, gas, and water used throughout the building.

For this reason, it is vital that one of the first things you or one of your managers does is to take an electricity and gas meter readings and ensure you send them directly to your new supplier.

5.   Streamline All Office Equipment and Supplies

Not only can streamlining your office inventory prior to a move allow for a smoother removal process, but you could also make some money in the meantime. Consider advertising old and unused stock through your company website or holding a competition where potential clients or customers just need to join your mailing list to be in with the chance to win. Dependent entirely on the type of products you supply, you could even think about setting up a style of ‘pop-up’ store.

6.   Thoroughly Research Location And Surrounding Amenities

There is an almost overwhelming number of considerations when researching your new office premises, and it is most helpful to be as logical and as pragmatic as possible. Begin by addressing the needs of the business that are not currently being fulfilled at your current location and specifically search for premises that do.

Considerations for your new premises include the surrounding amenities, the quality and ease of access to the building, public transport options, car parking options, and the estimated property value of adjacent buildings.

7.   Outsource Your Call Answering Services

There is a multitude of advantages to outsourcing your call answering services and hiring a company that will provide a 24/7 virtual receptionist to answer all of your existing and potential customers’ inquiries and issues. Hiring such a company will transform your business and will ensure you are known for delivering excellent customer service and always strive to provide professional and all-encompassing customer satisfaction. The beauty of this means that despite being unavailable during the moving process, your company can continue to take calls and speak with customers while you get set up.

8.   Enlist The Help of Your Workforce

Communication is key, especially in business and even more particularly when that business and its workforce are relocating to a brand new location.

Not only do you and your business managers have a huge legal obligation to the health and safety, welfare, and general mental well-being of your employees, but it would be extremely pertinent to prepare, guide, advise and involve them in every step of the process from initial discussions to the completion of the move. Ensure you have a detailed and thorough building survey undertaken and study the fluctuating interest rates to ensure you get the best value for money, particularly if you are purchasing rather than renting.

9.   Design An All-Encompassing And Thorough Floor Plan

One of the most important ways of ensuring your move is as stress-free as possible is to request a full and detailed floor plan of your new premises and then set to work planning which bulky items are going to be placed where.

Simultaneously, this would be a good time to contact furniture companies if necessary and to hire a company to thoroughly clean the equipment and your in-house IT expert to update your computer systems.