7 Ways to Control Your Panic Attacks!

Are you the one who suffers from anxiety and fear very often? Do you start panicking while dealing with anything difficult? Then you must know, these are panic attacks! They are a mixture of overwhelming feelings. And these feelings come in the form of a wave.

Panic attacks are usually sudden and sometimes they are so intense that you cant understand your exact problem. Its symptoms sometimes appear like symptoms of serious medical conditions like stroke or angina. That’s why it is important to know about panic attacks and try to control them in different ways.

Symptoms of Panic Attacks:

Panic attacks in different people show a variety of symptoms, some of them are as below;

  • Palpitations
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Choking or unable to breathe
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Tightness of chest
  • Shaking legs and hands
  • Cold and numb hands
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Feeling worried

How to cope with panic attacks?

There are some ways and techniques to cope with panic attacks that can help you while dealing with them;

Take deep breaths:

Taking deep breaths while having a panic attack improves your condition usually. While having a panic attack, you suffer from rapid breathing that worsens your anxiety. So try to take deep breaths from your abdomen and focus on your lung’s movement. Count till 4 while inhaling the air and then exhale. This will help you to change your focus and cope with your panic attack.

Know your problem:

Recognizing your situation as a panic attack helps you in controlling your condition. This will help you to calm yourself, as you know that it’s not any dreadful condition and it will pass. Try to ensure yourself that everything will be fine, and you will not die due to panic attacks.

Focus on anything:

Focusing on something else rather than your panic attack, helps you to divert your mind. And this technique is very helpful. It calms your mind and body. You can focus on something that makes you happy or relax. Pick any object around you and try to focus on every detail of it. Put all your energy on that object so that your panic attack subsides.

Relax your muscles:

Relaxing your body is very important. The symptoms of panic attacks are both physical and psychological. That’s why you need to physically relax. The muscle relaxation techniques help you like deep breathing.

 Positive approach:

Positive approach while having a panic attack help you in coping with it. Like you remind yourself that this will pass soon, it won’t last forever, and it will not take my life. So this positive approach helps you to control the panic attack and do not let it worsen further.

Control your thoughts:

Panic attacks worsen when your thoughts are out of control and you focus on bad things. Try to control your thoughts and ensure yourself that these are not facts rather only my thoughts.

Close your eyes:

Closing your eyes relaxes your mind. And divert your thoughts for some time. You can also think about something good from the past with closed eyes. This will help you in regaining your hope and controlling your attack.

If you suffer from panic attacks more often, you may need professional help. A good therapist can help you in coping with panic attacks. Sometimes they prescribe you medications with counseling. You can consult the best psychologists in Pakistan through Marham. pk for further information related to panic attacks.