7 Unique Education App Ideas For Startups To Consider In 2021


 With the emergence of new technologies, there is no doubt that our way of learning and studying has completely transformed with the new eLearning platforms. Mobile applications are the prime example of technologies that make the entire learning process interesting, engaging, and interactive.

 Hence, in this digital-driven world, eLearning applications play a vital role as people now acknowledge the importance of personal growth. Since the technologies are evolving in every industry, it is becoming difficult for institutions to involve everything in their syllabus.

From doubt sessions to regular communication with teachers, learning through puzzles, and interactive home tasks, eLearning applications have changed the learning method. Nowadays, eLearning applications are considered important for both teachers and students.

The trend has made some positive changes in the education industry. If you are also planning to build an eLearning application, then this blog post is definitely for you. Here, in this blog post, I have cover top eLearning app development ideas for small and mid-scale companies.

Language Learning App

The motive of these applications is to teach users a new language. Also, it helps them improve their existing vocabulary. A startup can make language learning applications for students. Because that’s always in demand.

For example, Duolingo is one such app which helps learners learn an unfamiliar language online. Users can learn Spanish, German with the help of engaging games, activities, and puzzles.

Every day, if a user spends 20 minutes on the application, he/she can learn a completely new language. This app is integrated with a syllabus that includes different topics.

Additionally, for your app, you can also integrate features where students can solely focus on their strengths and weakness, which will help them learn language easily.

AR-Based Educational App

Daily, new technology is launching. Augment reality is the technology that is considered the future. Including AR in the eLearning application helps a tutor to explain the topic more effective manner.

Tutors will have the learners’ attention for a prolonged duration with the help of AR features. It helps them in explaining complex concepts, conduct experiments, and science-based lessons.

A learning application integrated with AR features can make the entire learning process smooth. Even the tutor can use real-life objects, models to explain the novel concepts more understandable.

Audio Book Summary App

This is one of the most emerging concepts, and many startups are developing audiobooks eLearning applications. You can also be made an audiobook app. But using this application, the learner can listen to a book anytime, anywhere. The application makes learning a passive activity.

As we all know, sometimes, it becomes difficult to read books. For example, when you are traveling, driving, you can’t concentrate on reading a book. So during this time, you can listen to an audiobook application or can learn about the book at ease.

An App for Handicapped Children

An eLearning company can also consider this as a successful option- an educational application for handicapped kids. The app will help underprivileged people to learn and study from the comfort of their homes.

Your business can develop such an application for handicapped kids who want to learn something. They can attend lectures and classes daily. They can also use the application to communicate with an expert teacher in real-time. This type of application is such a beautiful gesture to provide them a platform where they can learn regularly.

Vocabulary App

While preparing for examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, it is important to have a good vocabulary to clear the examination. An application that includes quizzes, puzzles, and word games related to vocabulary makes it easier for learners to enhance their language, which helps them perform well in the examinations.

Developing word bank feature is important for people that help them express thoughts precisely. A vocabulary eLearning applications make you learn the meaning, pronunciation, how to use that word in sentences, and much more.

A flashcard features in the eLearning application with the word elements. Visualizing elements helps the learner to learn the word and explain the contextual meaning of the words to them.

Question and Answer App

Getting the answer to every question in one session is quite difficult for students. Hence, there must be a Question and Answer application that helps the student find the answer quickly.

You can add numerous segment, module into the application that includes some advanced level question which help students prepare them enhanced. Plus, a test series will prepare them for the exam and show where they stand, highlights their strength and weakness.

Educational Games and Quizzes App

Developing learning platforms included with interactive, interesting quizzes and games is a great idea for startups. The eLearning platforms allow learns of different ages to play such games and get themselves learned, informed about topics.

Games and quizzes on the platform can be related to language, science, General knowledge, maths, and another subject. This will help the student learn and test their knowledge on a single platform. Also, all age group people can relate to these games and quizzes.

Final Words

Advanced technologies like AR/VR, AI, data mining, machine learning have transformed all the industry including the education sector. These technologies have given birth to global eLearning solutions. Now, we have many applications, eLearning platforms where students can learn things with no physical help.

Still, there is a space where you can offer an eLearning platform integrated with a highly personalized syllabus and rich application. So, if you are planning to start the education platform, then choose the idea from the above points.

After choosing a single idea from the above points, you can hire an educational app development company that helps you transform the idea into reality. You can also hire eLearning app developers who have expertise in AR/VR, AI, or other advanced technology for robust solutions.