7 Simple Ways to Design Your Own T-Shirt

In case you’re similar to most of us, life is insane. Dreadfully insane to plan your own t-shirt, right? Not so fast. Though the OneHourTees team offers mind boggling, proficient custom plan administrations for any of your clothing needs, we likewise totally trust in your ability to create your own astounding garment too.

In case you’re prepared to take a stab and flex those creative fingers, we’re here to offer our own expert counsel, tips, and tricks for creating a showstopper of a t-shirt plan. Honestly, what sounds cooler than shaking an unimaginable look that you actually made? From sports teams to pledge drives, everything necessary is seven simple steps and you’ll be stepping out in-style wearing a stand-out look.

Obviously, contingent upon how complicated or simplistic your general plan is, you might have the option to complete the interaction in under seven steps. Just to consider every contingency, let will start from the initial concept, then work through to the last production.

Step 1: Nail Down Your Message

Most of our customers as of now have at least a dubious plan thought regarding what they want on their tee. This is a great spot to start, but don’t let it end there.

With regards to creating that perfect custom tshirt configuration, recollect that passing on your message is everything. That’s the reason this stage of the interaction is amazingly important. It’s essentially the foundation that you’ll fabricate the rest of your plan upon.

Start out by brainstorming what you want this shirt to say, both literally and figuratively, to anybody that sees it. This can change drastically relying upon what the shirt will be utilized for.

For instance, if it’s for a ball club, you’ll want your team name huge, strong, and simple to-peruse from the stands. Or on the other hand in case you’re making tees for your kid niece’s birthday party, communication might take a rearward sitting arrangement to covering the shirt in pink unicorns, twirls, and rainbows.

Likewise, recollect that not all thoughts actually function admirably on a t-shirt. Think cautiously about the size of the plan, what message you want your t-shirt to have, and if there are any potential ways that the message could be misunderstood, or even muddled utilizing your initial concept.

Basic is almost in every case better. Try to keep the text on the t-shirt short so it is plainly intelligible with just a fast look. Guarantee your thoughts for designs aren’t excessively complicated or over-the-top. It shouldn’t take a decoder to sort out what your t-shirt configuration implies.

When you have a strong concept as a top priority, draw up a speedy sketch. Don’t stress over it being a masterpiece. This is just a convenient exercise to delineate where the different elements can fit. It can likewise assist you with acknowledging whether your concept is too a lot, too little, or just right.

Step 2: Choose a Printing Style

The printing method you pick can colossally affect the plan itself. For instance, utilizing screen printing will limit your plan to vector-based art which often implies less, yet brighter, shadings and hand-drawn, cartoony or graphical pictures. In correlation, direct to garment, or DTG, printing considers photography and unlimited tones, but likely won’t “fly” however much screen printing will.

All printing methods will look bright and proficient, but each will have their advantages and disadvantages. Look at Our Printing Styles to study screen printing, direct to garment, weaving, and heat transfers to assist figure with outing the right one for you.

Step 3: Choose an Image, Photo or Graphic

You’ve got your general concept. Magnificent! Presently it’s time to actually turn those thoughts into an actual t-shirt plan. In case you’re an artist, or can get somebody to draw something up, that’s a great method to create your picture.

In any case, in case you’re no Van Gogh, stress not! There are tons of assets online where you can buy great all set stock pictures like Shutterstock or Graphics Factory. You can even track down some that are totally free like Pixabay or Vecteezy.

In case you’re still stumped, contact our expert OneHourTee plan team. We’d love to help turn your t-shirt dream into a reality, regardless of whether the sum total of what you have is an unpleasant sketch.

Though not accessible with all printing methods like screen printing, photographs can be printed on attire. The best printing method for photography is DTG printing.

Pick a picture, photo or realistic that goes with the message, event, team, etc. It can be interesting, genuine, abstract, or unique. In the event that you are utilizing anything trademarked, authorized, or in any capacity claimed by an organization, brand, team, artist, or any other person, ALWAYS ensure you have explicit authorization and full rights to utilize the plan.

For additional in-depth guidance about picking the right art, look at our Fonts and Clip Art page.

Step 4: Choose a Font

Presently, when you have your illustrations down, the next step is to pick a font that takes your look to the next level. Fonts can significantly upgrade the plan—though it can likewise hurt it if not utilized as expected.

Bigger, block or sans serif fonts that are fresh and clear are the easiest to peruse. These turn out great for your principal message or feature like a team name, business, event, etc.

Profoundly stylized, breathtaking, or “fun” fonts can be great additions when utilized right, but don’t let them get out of hand. Readability is the essential intention of fonts. Think about whether the font you pick actually imparts your message. Keep away from anything excessively complicated or difficult to peruse.

Some plan programs are genuinely limited on font options. Thankfully, we have the internet! Just a couple of moments online can gigantically open up your font decisions. A portion of our favorite free or “Pay What You Want” options are DaFont.com and Lost Type Co-Op. In case you’re willing to pay for greater fonts, look at Adobe TypeKit and MyFonts.

Like with symbolism, consistently check permitting and consents prior to printing your tees.

Here are a couple of tips on utilizing fonts right:

For most plans, pick close to 2–3 fonts total

Make your fonts sufficiently enormous to handily peruse

Use shading contrast to help your fonts jump out from both the plan and t-shirt tone

Keep away from too many “gimmicky” fonts. They can district and be difficult to peruse

For additional in-depth exhortation about picking the right font, look at our Fonts and Clip Art page.

Step 5: Choose Your Preferred T-Shirt Style and Color

Contingent upon your picked printing method, your conceivable shading palette might be limited with regards to the shirt or garment itself. Though you’ll generally have substantial options, do look at our page on screen printing and direct to garment printing to realize exactly what your options are. This will assist you with trying not to go gaga for a shading combination just to gain proficiency with it’s not accessible.

When you know your decisions, think cautiously about your last plan and what shading it will look best against. You may need to do some last shading adjustments on the plan itself to ensure nothing winds up mixing into or conflicting against your picked attire tone.

For the most part, white or light shadings will look best on dim shirts. Dull shadings will look great on light shirts. You may need to do some experimenting and messing about if picking colors some place in the center.

Step 6: Choose a Printing Company

What great plan on the off chance that you don’t complete it with a top notch shirt to feature it, and a break team of expert printers to make your vision a reality? Your last step is to pick a printing organization that can truly convey the tee you had always wanted.

Not that we’re one-sided or anything (Ok—perhaps a little), but we urge you to think about OneHourTees. We’re prepared experts at planning, printing, and conveying unimaginable custom clothing from here in Chicago to anyplace in the country.

We value creating just the highest quality t-shirts, just as sweatshirts, polos, pullovers, and substantially more. With more than 80,000 printing and product options, we’re confident that we can give you exactly the item of clothing you want.

We can likewise have your request prepared in as little as an hour and work with orders from one to thousands. Just let us know your budget, timeline and configuration wants, and will give you expert administrations that will turn out perfect for your interesting requirements.

Step 7: Show Off Your Work

In as little as 60 minutes, get your newly planned and printed attire and gladly flaunt your plan to anybody you can discover. In a matter of moments, you made your own special tee from start to wrap up. How cool (and simple) was that?