6 Ways To Save At The Co-op In Canada

The Co-op In Canada

You have spent a lot on Christmas celebrations, and now your bank account is looking thin. Well, every one of us has been there at some point! Now, you might be looking for ways to save money. However, it doesn’t mean that you should compromise with the good quality grocery items or food. If you have ever been to Co-op in Canada (a community-owned grocery shop), you already know that they offer items at comparable prices to their competitors.

But do you know that your local Co-op store in Canada offers multiple ways to save even more? Have a look at the six secret ways to save money the next time you shop at the Co-op.

Look For Purple Tags In The Store

Co-op offers the lowest prices on everyday essentials in almost every department. All the shoppers can take advantage of this. But how do you find out the lowest-priced things? Look for the ‘Co+op basics sign’ and special markdowns (purple tags) throughout the store to shop smart.

The Co-op in Canada works with the worldwide collective to offer the shoppers great prices on the basic items, called Co+op basics. Also, look out for ‘$1,2,3 off’ stickers on some of the selected staple items for saving extra bucks.

The store also issues Co+op deals coupon books every two months, which can be used to double your savings. With 60+ items on sale every day, and twice-monthly in-store flyers, you can save hundreds of dollars in the long-run.

Sales items + Store coupons = Double savings! You just need to Co+op basic signs in the store.

Join Weekly Co-op Flyer In Canada Email List

If you often shop at the Co-op but aren’t signed up yet, you should sign up now to reap the money-saving benefits. While Co-op frequently offers special discounts and offers, some weekly specials are so awaited that they are only available for three days or less. So, sign up with the Co-op grocery store to see the weekly Co-op flyer and know what’s new in the store near you.

From in-season produce, wellness products to high-quality meat, you can create your shopping list around the selected items in the flyers. See the Co-op Canada weekly flyers online, and look for the red ‘SALE’ sign in the store to locate the great savings.

Leverage Price Drop

From everyday essentials to seasonal produce, Co-op ensures that the items will be price dropped for at least three weeks. Just look for the price-drop signs (yellow) at the nearby Co-op store. Besides, ask the employees about in-season produce and the best deals available on it. There is also a markdown section, where everything is $0.25/pound.

Dine Out After 8 pm At Co-op

If you have had a long day at work and don’t want to cook, Co-op covers you. Stop by the ‘Hot Bar Happy Hour,’ which starts after 8 pm and lasts till the closing time. You can get a few dollars off or save extra while dining out. The best thing is, you will contribute to reducing the waste.

Save With Co-op’s Value Priced Every Day

The co-op runs a Value Priced Every Day Program that provides you with the best value for each dollar you spend every day! Look for the red ‘tick mark’ logo on the items you frequently use. These products are checked to the competition, offering everyday value to the shoppers.

Become A Co-op Member, Owner

Co-op offers Owner Appreciation Coupons thrice a year. Moreover, a Co-op member can make special orders and save a lot, especially by placing orders when the products are on sale. Thus, becoming a Co-op member will also help you save money.

These are some of the ways that can help you save money while purchasing good food at the Co-op store. Whether it is a staple food or a seasonal special, Co-op ensures that the shoppers save money while maintaining the high-quality standards of the products.