6 ways temp recruitment software helps place quality temp candidates quickly


The world of temps recruitment relies on speedy work on the part of recruiters. Finding and placing the best candidate for the role has to be done as quickly as possible. All this while ensuring that the applicants you’re putting forward to your clients are some of the best available. A temp recruitment software CRM is an extremely useful tool for recruiters. As people continue to work from home due to these exceptional circumstances, using recruitment software is highly advantageous for recruiters working to place temp candidates quickly.

The advantages of a cloud-based server

It is undoubtedly a huge advantage for any recruitment agency to operate from a cloud-based server these days. Since all data is stored in the cloud, recruiters can now work from home just as easily as they were working from the office previously. All the candidate profiles and details are made available with a single click. Many agencies optfor Software as a service (SaaS), which is generally cloud-based, as it is also scalable.

Single platform for easy access and management

Recruitment is a competitive and fast paced industry. It is essential for recruiters to quickly locate, filter, select and place the best candidates. A temp recruitment CRM assists in this endeavour with its integration feature to various job boards. Applications for roles uploaded to those job sites will automatically be directed to the CRM which enables recruiters to work efficiently. All the CVs can also be stored in this single platform and recruiters can check candidate management and availability easily whenever required.

Quick access to appropriate CVs

As the CVs are stored in a single platform, recruiters get early access to the most suitable candidate details. Temp software’s features help in CV parsing which selects and filters applicants according to the job requirements. This can be done in a matter of minutes, aiding temp recruiters to work more efficiently.

Online skills testing to find quality candidates

As soon as interested candidates are identified, temp recruiters can send out online skills tests to assess their abilities. Pre employment skills tests are important fixtures in almost all recruitment processes. After parsing CVs and selecting a few candidates, skills assessment is the next step in the recruitment process.Quality recruitment software have online skills testing integrated into their software solution. The online tests can be done from anywhere provided the candidates have a computer device and an internet connection. Results are also available swiftly.

Handy for eligibility checks

Temp recruitment software solutions are very convenient for straightforward eligibility checks on prospective candidates. This can be done promptly while making certain that all temp candidates being placed have been properly vetted and pass the legal right-to-work checks.

Speedy online timesheets

Timesheets are an integral feature in temporary recruitment. Recruiters have to process and update these consistently to ensure regular and timely payments. Temp recruitment software include online timesheets which can be filled by temp workers, checked by their managers at work, and processed for payment by recruiters. It is fairly convenient to track each temp employee’s work hours and manage scheduling through the timesheets.