6 Things To Consider When Starting E-Commerce Business In Dubai

The world has evolved to a great extent concerning various beliefs, lifestyles, and technologies, which altogether affect the present and future of your business. While you desire to see your business and community grow, these changes need you to redefine your business goals and strategies. With rapid technological advancement and more involvement of the web in the lives of people around, it’s no longer surprising that online business is conquering traditional business spheres. If you haven’t given a thought to starting an e-commerce business in Dubai yet, we guess you’re already running late.  

Why Should You Have An E-Commerce Business In Dubai? 

The United Arab Emirates is well-known for its futuristic approach to everything from living standards, architecture to tourism. Over the past few years, the country has turned out to be a thriving business hub with countless opportunities for everyone. Considering the reports of EshopWorld, 81% of the adult population in Dubai purchase maximum products online. It turns out your concern about an e-commerce business here could be lucrative.  

The Dubai Ecommerce Strategy recently launched by the government focuses on transforming the city into a global logistics hub in the Middle East which will raise its share in the local economy up to AED12 billion (approximately US$ 3.2 billion). To achieve these goals, the government here is inviting more and more foreign direct investment and has reduced the cost involved in setting up an online business. 

Till 2022, the revenues generated from online shopping are expected to double-up. Certainly, it’s a great idea to make the most of this opportunity by starting your own business or taking your existing business online.  

Things To Consider When Starting Your Ecommerce Business In Dubai

While you just expect rainbows and sunshine, you can end-up in storms without a weather check. Collecting necessary details and making the right move at the right time is very important when you strive to make your business successful. E-commerce website development in Dubai is undeniably a major part of it, but you cannot ignore various other aspects involved in the same. 

1. Getting Licenses Based On Your Products  

Starting a business in Dubai will require you to have some mandatory licenses. It is the first most important aspect for starting an e-commerce business in the country. Since you want to keep up the legality of your business, make sure you have the necessary licenses to support your business activities. Only when you have a valid license, you will be able to open a bank account for business-related transactions. To sell products online in Dubai, you will need the following licenses: 

  • Trading Activity License: A trading license allows you to import and export specific goods to and from other countries. Therefore, if your business involves selling international products, you will be required to have a trading license.  
  • Ecommerce License: A trading license only lets you buy and sell products. However, if you want to sell products online through your website, it is important to get an e-commerce license. 

Once you get these licenses, you can proceed to make other decisions.  

2. Developing Your E-commerce Website in Dubai

Your website will be the most important aspect of your online business. Therefore, based on the products you sell, you will have to seek e-commerce web development services in Dubai. It is suggested to give enough time to find a suitable development partner who could avail you with a user-friendly website that generates enough revenue for you and also work on its maintenance in the future. Website development may take time and require you to make a lot of important decisions. 

3. Choosing An Ecommerce Platform And Payment Integration 

The e-commerce platform you choose affects a lot of aspects of your business since that’s where you get most of the features from. While you want your website to be competent and get you better returns, your choice for an e-commerce platform matters the most. From the available options, pick the one you think can support you throughout your business operations. Shopify and Magento are the two best ones among various available options. 

4. An Attractive Cart Design 

Your cart is the interface through which the user would make a purchase, a poorly designed cart can ruin your impression and make the customer change their mind, or simply it may lead to poor reviews, which isn’t good for your business anyway. Since that’s how your customers will place their orders, you should make sure that the cart functions well and lets the customers make a purchase easily. 

Finding one of the best companies for e-commerce web design in Dubai becomes crucial in that case. It is very important to design a cart in a manner that lets customers add multiple products to the cart, make payments and even revise the order when necessary. 

5. Marketing Your Products And Website  

Launching a product on your website isn’t enough. Money wouldn’t flow in so easily. What you do for marketing your product is actually the more important part. There are several different aspects that you should understand to make sure that your website and products reach out to more and more potential customers. When it comes to marketing your products and website, you should consider the following: 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO becomes crucial to make sure that your website appears on the topmost results on a search results page. It is important to have your website optimized so that users and potential customers can easily find it. 
  • Email Marketing: While SEO works well, email marketing could be one of the best ways to connect with customers and get one on one conversions. Through emails, you can reach out and notify the customers about suitable offers and let them know more about yourself. 
  • Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be a source of huge traffic and sales for your website. You should always link your e-commerce website to these platforms to get consistent traffic and sales for your website. 

6. Integrating Payment Gateways  

Payment processing is another important aspect to consider when it comes to e-commerce website development. Your customers are likely to expect a payment method that they can use. Online payments being more preferable, you should look forward to providing your customers with a secured payment gateway. SSL integration should be taken care of so that customers can be carefree about sharing bank account details. Integrating multiple payment options will make things easier for the customers, enhancing their experience. 

Final Thoughts  

The fact that an online business could bring you more customers, revenue, and profits is likely to excite you. However, you should avoid making decisions in a hurry. Castles are not built overnight. Ecommerce web development and other procedures to start your online business may take time. Considering the above-mentioned points, you can ensure that you make a good start to your e-commerce business in Dubai and watch it grow.