6 Methods How Technology Is Transforming the CBD Industry

The rise of the CBD industry is inevitable. This natural compound does not have intoxicating psychoactive effects. It is legal and safe to buy in several countries, and it comes with a significant list of physical and mental health benefits. Derived from the Cannabis sativa plant species, CBD has been around for thousands of years. Now, as it joins forces with technology, the CBD trade is turning into a sophisticated affair where users have better tools to find the best brands. The following are just six ways how technology is transforming the CBD industry. 

Blockchain technology is giving users more power to choose safely

Blockchain technology is critical for the rising CBD industry. The booming trade has paved the way for professional brands to deliver high-quality Sunday Scaries new CBD sleep tincture. Yet, less experienced brands are also flooding the industry. These unprofessional brands aim to offer cheap products to make a quick financial turnaround. What blockchain technology can do for customers is arm them with information to distinguish the good from the bad.

Such technology regulates the industry by informing users of every step of the production, from cultivation to extraction, manufacturing, packaging, and every other step. In doing so, users can know whether the product is compromised in any way or whether the price reflects the professional actions taken every step of the way.


Buying CBD is a safer and more accessible process

Blockchain technology can take time to seep into every step of the CBD industry. Until then, users can navigate CBD brands safely, thanks to the online world. Technology has made it possible for users to buy products safely and have them arrive in the comfort of their own homes. With online reviews, you can distinguish the good from the bad. Brands’ websites also help when it comes to buying high-quality products. Professional brands ensure their website is easy to navigate and equipped with a helpful customer care service. Professional brands also have an authentic Certificate of Analysis (COA) for users to download to verify the quality of the CBD used.

Technology is turning CBD and hemp into climate change superstars

Climate change is a pressing issue that is causing the youngest generation anxiety about the world’s future. Opting for sustainable products has never been more critical, and technology is doing its part to revolutionize the way we make products. You may have read about the health benefits of CBD and hemp, but these natural compounds are the future superstars for sustainability as well. 

With advancing technology, manufacturers are now creating hemp fabrics to substitute less sustainable materials. Brands are turning these compounds into bioplastics so manufacturers can use them instead of regular plastic and polymers. Indeed, luxury car brands such as Bugatti and Mercedes already use these compounds as fiber for car door panels.


The beverage industry is on the rise with the introduction of nanoencapsulation

The range of CBD-infused products on the market is vast. You can find everything from oils to bath bombs, vape liquids, skincare products, chocolate, cooking oil, flour, and the list goes on. The one industry CBD brands have struggled to tap into is the beverage industry. Since CBD is an oil, producers struggle to blend it with beverages because oil and liquids do not mix well.

With nanoencapsulation, this is no longer an issue. A new technology, nanoencapsulation, breaks down CBD into nano-sized elements to blend better with liquid. As a result, brands are now better able to infuse beverages with this natural compound. Although it is still an emerging technology, you can find early examples of CBD-infused liquids, from CBD-infused wine to water and more.

CBD has never been more alluring (thanks to influencers backing up brands)

For a long time, skeptics associated the cannabis industry with unmotivated people spending all day watching tv and eating. Yet, the industry is so much more than this nowadays, and with influencers taking the lead, former skeptics are now using CBD for themselves. 

Social media influencers can turn brands into household names. Many CBD brands are turning to influencers to introduce their products to their followers. When influencers have a strong following and a great dialogue with their followers, they can convince thousands to flock to a brand’s website and shop their products. From multi-corporations to small businesses, brands have a better opportunity to reach a wider audience thanks to the power of social media and affiliate marketing technology.


Analytical tools are paving the way for user-approved products

For a long time, brands had to resort to theories to guess which products their customers would go for. Analytical tools have abolished guessing games and made it a more straightforward process. The Google analytical tool is only one of many ways brands can understand their clients’ preferences and get to know the demographics. Besides analytical tools, social media has also given brands the chance to have a closer relationship with their clients. Now, brands can ask users about their preferences and get them involved in the production and branding process.

Technology may have its downside, but it is proving to be a remarkable way to bring an old natural compound into the lives of the people who need it. Blending something natural with something modern has never looked more exciting.