5 Ways To Protect Your Family From Covid-triggered Black Fungus

5 Ways To Protect Your Family From Covid-triggered Black Fungus

When the second wave of Coronavirus hit our country, it proved to be more deadly than the first wave and it also challenged our healthcare system and doctors in several other ways. Many patients who were tested positive for COVID-19 earlier were detected with another infection called Mucormycosis that got popular in the public domain as the black fungus. It was observed that diabetic patients and patients who had lower immunity levels during or after the COVID-19 treatment were more susceptible to the black fungus infection.

However, the doctors have confirmed that black fungus existed in our ecosystem even in the pre-Covid era and it mainly attacks people who do not have a strong immune system to fight against the pathogens that are commonly found in the environment. This means that everyone should be alert enough to deal with such complications nowadays. Here are few ways that you can adopt to protect your family from the Covid-triggered black fungus:

Identify the symptoms quickly

If you or someone in your family is suffering due to fever along with an inability to breathe normally and pain around the eyes, consult the doctor immediately as it can be the early symptoms of mucormycosis of black fungus. The other symptoms are vomits comprising blood, coughing, headache, feeling uneasy or weak mentally, etc.

If you have been infected with black fungus, the portion over the nose bridge will start to appear blackish and you may even feel numbness or pain on one side of your face. Nasal congestion, discharge or blackish or bloody mucus from the nose, swelling, or pain in the cheekbone are other symptoms that you should be aware of to protect your family from this deadly disease.

Care extra for these patients

If someone in your family has high sugar levels and has recently been diagnosed or recovered from Covid-19 should take extra precaution as they are more prone to be infected with this fungus.

Unrestricted usage of steroids during the Covid-19 treatment is also one of the major reasons behind this infection. Therefore, request the doctors to use steroids and antibiotics only when it is extremely important. Prolonged stay in the ICU ward can also be one of the reasons behind this infection and therefore, you should be extra careful while taking care of such patients in your family.

Preventive measures

If you or someone in the family has recovered or is going through the Covid-19 treatment, they should avoid walking in dusty areas, gardens, etc. as the black fungus is usually found in the soil and dusty areas.

Also, wearing gloves and shirts with long sleeves and wearing trousers that cover your legs and feet completely along with sturdy boots is a must while gardening, farming, or dealing with soil, manure, etc. due to any reason.

Get a health insurance

Despite all these preventive measures, someone in your family might be diagnosed with black fungus, unfortunately. However, there is no reason to worry as prompt treatment would protect and help them to recover quickly. You should also be prepared financially for such a thing and therefore, it would be better if you get health insurance that covers Covid-19 and black fungus treatment completely.

Personal hygiene

Maintaining strict personal hygiene is also a must for preventing the infection from black fungus. Therefore, sanitize your home regularly, use body scrubs while taking a bath, and take all those precautions that will help you to keep a check on your hygiene.

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