5 Ways To Ensure Optimum Security For Your Company’s Network

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In this technologically advanced era, organizations are incomplete without a network. The network is where all the crucial data or information are stored and shared with the entire workforce securely. But there have been reports of too many data thefts, and it’s becoming difficult for companies to keep their data safe from unauthorized individuals or black hat hackers. For such reasons, to provide proper corporate network security to their network, companies are looking for various methods and ways to increase their security levels. Doing so will prevent data thefts and any other unwanted issue from taking place.

Ways to provide security to your company’s network

If you are determined to tighten the security of your company’s network so that you can prevent data theft, there are several ways to do so. Following these ways will help you provide protection with your company’s network needs. They are:

  1. Change your company’s name: There is no need for you to use the actual name of your company’s network, which the provider assigns. It carries the model of your router, and it stands out to be pretty insecure, as other internet users can see it. These users will instantly find all the vital documentation and will gain access to your company’s network in no time. For such reasons, changing your company’s name will be the right thing to do.
  2. Utilize the SSL certification: The SSL certification helps keep your network secure and well-protected. When you have decided to conduct some online transactions, you must use a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate for the job. It’s because the SSL certificate enables an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This will allow you to execute online transactions or payments in a safe and secure manner.
  3. Use the IDS or IPS: IPS and IDS stand out as one of the most efficient ways through which you can prevent all the threats in a hassle-free manner. IDS has the power to detect all types of attackers, such as worms or malware. On the other hand, IPS can actively prevent all the negative impact that comes from all the detected attacks. With the help of IDS and IPS, you can easily keep your network protected and conduct all your activities without worrying.
  4. Disable the file-sharing: The file-sharing feature must only stay enabled within the file servers. If you have enabled your file sharing option for all the connected devices through the Wi-Fi network, you must immediately disable it. When you pass all the files, it will be seen by all the other members who are using the Wi-Fi connection. This might become a big issue for you because users will start viewing all your documents or information, which can be pretty significant.
  5. Use the WAP2: When you have an encrypted and reliable protocol for the passwords on the router for your company’s network, it is an excellent idea. The most advanced protocol that is currently available is Wi-Fi Protected Access or WAP2. Having this particular protocol will enable you to keep your business’s network secure. You can easily use your company’s network safely, and all you have to do is be sure that the protocol is enabled within your network.

The Summary

In this modern realm, organizations or companies of all sizes are doing their best to keep their network protected from cyber threats, attacks and hackers. They also need to make sure that no one rather than the company’s staff gets access to the network. That is why using advanced security solutions and techniques will enable you to keep your company’s network protected from interference.