5 Trending French Casement Windows Ideas Will Perfect For Your Home

French windows and doors are unrivalled in style. Nothing has been able to match the sleek, elegant lines of the French window and door design. Their traditional designs to the ultra-modern designs hold their own against any aspiring rival.

French casement windows upgrade the interiors of your home like nothing else. They have two sashes that extend to open from the centre but don’t have a post in the frame. The panels of the window open with a crank together. This gives you a wider view allowing you to let in and enjoy fresh air and sunshine while you gaze at the environment. There are also different types that you can choose from:

Double Frame

Double frame French casement windows are made of two or more windows. They swing out and meet in the centre of the window. These windows are hinged together by the sides. They are constructed from two panels and are very easy to operate. Opening and closing them doesn’t require any extra effort from you. The style looks great in combination with architectural designs ranging from colonial to Victorian to modern home types.

Push Out

These types of french glass windows operate from the centre and open as wide or as narrow as you want. You can limit their width to just a few inches to let in little air or open them at their maximum for wide ventilation throughout the house. The sashes and coordinating handles are easy to operate so that you don’t have to struggle to let in the fresh air. The ease and elegance of such windows offer an attractive window option for your beautiful home.


In-swing windows open on the inside, protecting anything on the outside that could hit the window. Operated with a handle instead of a crank, the window offers a wide unobstructed view of the outdoors. These windows inspire elegance and lift the room’s entire look and feel. 

Benefits of French Casement Windows

You can add window door design to all interior styles in your homes. They add light and elegance to your room efficiently. They help preserve energy by insulating your room and are best for all extreme climates and reduce your electricity bills. 

You can use aluminium in the window frame, ensuring that you have a long-lasting design that requires little-to-no maintenance. The material is also durable, making sure the windows can withstand any types of weather. With these windows, you invite natural light into your home and make it spacious.

Even though there is no dividing post in such windows, they can still provide excellent protection. The opening and closing can be customised, which is important in homes with children. You can also upgrade to high-resistance glass to protect your home against burglary. You can also install multi-point locks and laminate the glass for extra security.

LIXIL French casement windows can be of many types, including tilt and turn windows. They can have single or double frames and be opened inwards or outwards, depending on your preferences. They are a stylish window solution for a contemporary or modern home.