5 Tips for Biking in Cooler Weather

When taking your men’s bike or woman bike out for a ride is part of your daily routine, you may wish to keep up with your cycling habit even once the weather starts to cool to frostier temperatures. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up biking when the weather is cold. You may, however, have to take a few extra precautions and spend a little more time preparing to combat the cold and stay safe and warm while still enjoying your bike ride. If you’ve never gone biking in cooler weather, here’s how you can prepare for a cozy and pleasant experience.

How To Prepare for a Fall Bike Ride

Even with the best electric hybrid bike at your disposal, you may still need to take some steps to prepare for your fall bike ride. As opposed to riding in warmer weather, cold-weather riding requires additional clothing, bike cleaning and more. Fortunately, you can shorten your prep time down to just a handful of straightforward steps. To get ready for your ride, stay warm and stay as safe as possible, you should make sure you:

  1. Attach reflective materials and light-blaring taillights to your bicycle to ensure other cyclists and drivers can see you if you’re out riding as the days get shorter;
  2. Keep your skin protected from the cold and the sun’s rays by moisturizing, protecting chapped lips with chap stick or petroleum jelly and wearing SPF 30+ sunscreen on every ride;
  3. Keep any snacks or liquids well-insulated in double-insulated bottles or containers to prevent them from freezing during your ride;
  4. Wash your bike more often than usual and clean it off after each ride to get rid of buildup and keep it running smoothly for each ride;
  5. Layer up with warm fall clothing to stay comfortable and prevent frostbite or other health issues when cycling in cool weather.

What To Wear for a Fall Bike Ride

One of the most important steps that can help you feel comfortable in cooler weather is dressing well. Unlike warm-weather riding, you’ll need to put on several layers of warm clothes in order to fend off the cold and associated health problems, such as catching colds or suffering from hypothermia. Additionally, dressing in layers allows you to take clothes on or off depending on how the weather changes throughout your ride. Some fall cycling gear essentials to make sure you include in your biking wardrobe include:

  • Riding gloves
  • Scarves and fitted hats
  • Warm sweaters, vests or rain jackets
  • Sturdy athletic shoes or boots
  • Heating packs
  • Thermal tights

Although biking in cooler temperatures may present some distinctive challenges, you can still enjoy a safe and comfortable bike ride in the cold if you take adequate steps to prepare. If this is your first time riding in chilly weather, be sure to keep these tips in mind. Prepping your bike, insulating your drinks, protecting your skin and dressing appropriately can make all the difference in ensuring a great cold-weather cycling experience.