5 Things to Consider While Ordering Essay Assignment Online

The last resort for any student who is up against the wall to submit their assignment is hiring a professional service provider. To place an order for an essay online has become really simple these days, as there are hundreds of providers who are just a click/call away. Just ask or search for write my essay, you will get the tons of essay writing service that are available to do your essay assignments.

But beware there are providers who are not honest and might deliver the results you were expecting. Thus, today we are going to share a list of things that you must check before hiring any professional essay writing service:

  1. Research the provider

Your first job is to find not one but multiple service providers. Check each one of them for their past clientele, projects, and their reputation in the market. The ratings and reviews will clear things up. 

  1. Check content quality

You can either check the samples of the company overall or request for a specific or assigned writer. Even if the samples are overall you will still get an idea of the work quality. Before you get assignment help from professionals remember content quality is everything.

  1. Ask if you can select the writer and see their portfolio

You must enquirer if you can select the writer from their core team and see the work. If yes, then it’s a great sign but if no then check the portfolio of the assigned writer. If the company doesn’t allow or is reluctant to take any action for the same then look for a different provider. 

  1. Check for turnaround time

The essay submission is deadline dependent and therefore you must enquire about how much time the provider takes. In case they fail to deliver in the time you wish for then hiring them will be a complete waste of time.

  1. Ask for a plagiarism report

Never settle for a provider who is reluctant to provide a plagiarism report at the end of the work. It is of great priority that your work should be of high quality and original. Every provider who cares for its reputation will say yes to submitting a report from a good tool. 


If you are aiming for good grades and looking to make a good impression on your professors then don’t fall for the very first service provider you find on the Internet. Use the checklist given above and analyze their reputation and performance before you hire them.