5 Tech Solutions for Small Business Growth

Growing a small business is difficult work, and it’s even more challenging now that you need to focus on the tech side so heavily. This is especially more prevalent on the back of the pandemic, with many businesses closing down because of not embracing change. Whether you’re in the teething stage of your business or you’ve been around for a while, we will tell you five sure tech solutions that will let your business fly.

Switch to the Cloud

These days, the majority of businesses are migrating their IT infrastructure onto the cloud. This allows greater accessibility and reduces the cost of running and maintaining an in-house network. You won’t be able to transfer your system to the cloud overnight, and the process can take months depending on the size of the business. However, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared and ensuring your staff is adequately trained for the move. Further, you should decide on a quality cloud services provider to get yourself up and running.

Project Management Integration

Once your network has been transferred to the cloud, you need to ensure that your workforce has access to the correct tools. Your team may not always be in the same physical space these days, so you need to make sure they can collaborate from afar. To do this, you will need a project management tool (PM) that will help boost productivity. With a PM at your disposal, you can track deadlines, share files, and communicate across the board.


Your communication system must be transferred onto a secure cloud system like VoIP, which is a great tool for centralizing and securing your communication channels. When you use the phone line, you aren’t able to reap the full benefits of your cloud network. Using VoIP will allow you to make phone calls through your internet connection, which will reduce the costs of all your calls.

Only the Best Connection

There’s no point in getting the correct tools in place if you don’t have the firepower to use them. Having a stable internet connection is essential to any business in 2021 and is vital in nurturing growth. With your business operating through the cloud, and customers relying on your connection to retrieve your service, you must operate on high-powered fiber broadband. If your business experiences downtime during peak hours, negative reviews will begin flooding in.

Utilize Analytical Tools

Knowing which tech solutions to utilize is important. However, you need to ensure that major changes are backed with data. Therefore, you should use as many analytical tools as you can. Having the ability to generate reports at speed will allow you to make informed decisions. There’s no point reinventing the wheel and spending money if the data doesn’t back up your changes. Growing your business ins 2021 requires migrating your system onto the cloud. By utilizing the correct tech solutions, you can cut down your IT department and see your business grow. Remember, no matter how many tech solutions you onboard, there’s no point without a stable internet connection.