5 Reasons To Port Your Number To Airtel From Other Service Providers

5 reasons to port your number to Airtel from other service providers

Many telecom customers are not entirely happy and satisfied with their telecom network. They may find their current telecom plan lacking certain components or facilities that are being offered to them or are simply not happy with the network and services of their current providers. They feel compelled to move to a different number without letting go of their mobile number and for these people; Mobile Number Portability or MNP is the best solution. The MNP as the name suggests allows them to port numbersto a new mobile network operator. All they need is the Unique Porting Code issued by TRAI to move to the new network. When anyone is thinking of porting to a new network Airtel is one of the most popular and attractive options that come to mind. Several factors make Airtel an attractive option for customers looking for a better telecom experience. Here are the top 5 reasons compelling you to port number to Airtel.

  • Airtel Thanks Rewards – Airtel has a reward program for their customers, which provides some amazing value-added benefits such as subscriptions to OTT apps including Amazon Prime videos. It also includes apps such as Airtel Xstream App, Disney+ Hotstar, and even Handset Protection.
  • No daily data limit – Unlike many other mobile providers, there is no limit of maximum data that can be consumed in the day. This is perfect for some odd occasions such as travel days when you may want to use more data throughout the day. This also helps you save any additional charges for crossing over the data limit.
  • Home Delivery of SIM – When you put forward your request for porting to the Airtel, you will be asked to provide your address. This is useful not only for carrying out the KYC formalities at the customer’s home but also to get the free SIM delivered. Porting to Airtel Postpaid is also completely free of charge.
  • Economic Plans with Unlimited Calls – The unlimited Airtel Postpaid plans start at just INR 399 and provide benefits such as unlimited local, STD, and roaming calls, 100 SMS daily, 40 GB data, and complimentary subscription to the Airtel Xstream App. On plans starting INR 499, yearly Amazon Prime membership is also included in the plan.
  • Family Connections and Data Roll Over – All plans of INR 749 and above come with a family add-on a benefit where you can get Regular SIM cards and a Data SIM card. These connections can help you and your family save up to 25% of the money on mobile expenses. Airtel postpaid plans also offer the data rollover facility where your unused data will be carried forward to the next month with no wastage of data.

These reasons make for a compelling case to port your number to Airtel. You can go to the Airtel website, postpaid dropdown, and choose the “Port to Airtel” option to choose the plan that fits your needs and get started on some of the best postpaid connections in the country.