5 Points to Remember While Buying a Bathroom Tap

5 Points to Remember While Buying a Bathroom Tap

When it comes to designing your home, one desires to make every nook-and-corner look perfect. A good house is built with a lot of foresight and attention to the smallest details. According to a study, an individual spends around 182 hours in a year in their bathroom. With such a significant time being spent in the bathroom, paying attention to the basic utilities is important. The taps or faucets are a crucial element of a bathroom. There are hundreds of designs to choose from, and the list gets longer if you keep searching. But, along with style, design, and trend, the quality and practicality of the faucet are also important. You can’t just buy a faucet you like and fit it in your bathroom washbasin or bathtub. People end up purchasing the faucet they like, and when they try fitting it on their wash basin or tub, they realise they got the wrong size, design or colour.

There are many factors that one must bear in mind while shopping for the right faucet. This article will list the five points you must keep in mind while choosing a faucet. 

Below are the points to remember while buying a faucet.

1. Know the water pressure

The taps should maintain a strong flow of water all the time, so it is necessary to check for the water pressure. You can get the help of a plumber for finding the right faucet. For example, the wall-mounted or mixer faucet needs more water pressure than two separate faucets. Your plumber will have more experience in these matters and help you decide the right type of faucet to buy.

2. Measure the wash-basin and washstand holes

As insignificant as it may seem, the size of a wash-basin and wash-stand hole are very significant to determine the right kind of faucet that would suit it. People assume that all the faucets are similar and end up buying the wrong size. If you fit a tap with a bigger hole in the washbasin, the amount of water falling in the basin will be more than what can pass through the basin’s hole, making the basin overflow. To avoid these problems, always measure the diameter of the washbasin hole and then select the faucet with a similar size.

3. Choose the right style

The faucet should match the whole bathroom design, especially the washbasin design and colour. Although taps do not come in varied colors, you can always have enough options in terms of style and designs to choose from. A different kind of faucet on the washbasin will look funny or weird. So, ensure that you buy the right kind of faucet for your bathroom.

4. Material matters

The material used in making the tap must be genuine and durable. Most of the manufacturers use brass and chrome with a protective coating of a thickness of 20 microns. These kinds of materials are stronger and durable than faucets made of low-quality materials and less coating. 

5. The finish

The finishing coating may be of coloured lacquer or chrome polished for a brilliant shine or satin-brushed. Choose a faucet that goes well with the layout of your bathroom. Ensure you don’t clean the taps aggressively with detergents, as that could ruin the chrome finish. If you take care of the faucet, you can have a beautiful faucet without rust and other damages.

6. Right price

You may find some of the faucets stunning and appealing to your eyes, but the faucet has to match your bathroom and washbasin. If you have mid-range bathroom fittings, you can’t buy a cheaper or expensive faucet, as it would look odd. Always purchase the faucet of the same standard and quality and price as the remaining fittings of the bathroom.

Remembering these points before buying a faucet for your bathroom, can help you get the right product meeting your requirement at the best price. 

Author- Rohan