5 Modern Roofing Ideas

As we know, the current trends are all about modernity or a mixture of modern and vintage. However, these days, people focus less on antique things and feel attracted to the modern look. Thus, everyone is updating their home with new styles to give it a perfect look nowadays.

Among all the things you can update in your house, your roof should be a top priority. Firstly, the main thing you should do is to look for modern and new ideas for your roof. Because the roof style matters the most in the house. So, do your research and find the one that fits your taste and your house the most.

Moreover, the internet is one of the best sources and guides from where you can get all your answers. As well as responses to any questions you might have. Additionally, below are 5 modern roofing designs that will help you to design/build your roof in any way that you want to.

Flat and Nearly Flat Roofs 

As you know that when there are a variety of choices it gets hard to choose just one. In this article, we have some of the most modern designs that may help you with this decision. First and foremost, flat or nearly flat roofs are a simple and decent idea for your roof.

This design is simple and classic. Besides, it is a roofing style that goes well with almost every type of building. So, whether your structure is old or new, it will surely look perfect with the overall mood. As the saying goes, less is more!

Curved Roofs 

This one is a little different from others. You can see why simply by its name – curved surface. Basically, it is a catenary that is an arched roof in the form of a catenary curve.

Thus, this roof is a lot like a skillion or a shed roof with its planes curved. Moreover, the curve of the roof can vary. Also, the height of the side walls supporting the roof can also vary. From a short extension to a complete sidewall. It is the perfect example of a modern vintage style. This means that you may not need to upgrade your roofing design for a couple more years.

Reflective Roofs 

For this, construction workers design these cool roofs to reflect sunlight while absorbing less heat. Hence, compared to traditional roofs, a reflective roof has a high albedo or solar reflectance. This means it keeps your house safe from accumulating a lot of heat in it. Thus, if you live in an area with a lot of heat and sun, these are the perfect fit for you. You can keep your house fresh and cool from the summer heat.

Skillion and Lean-To

It really does not get more modern than this roofing style. You may have seen houses with roofs that were set at slight angles. And they sometimes have two parts of the roof intersect each other in a way that it looks like two different roofs are joined together. Well, this… is exactly that!

These roofs are textbook examples of grace and modernity. These roofs are easy to install, create and are even affordable. This gives your house a sharp angular look that can make it look like an art gallery. Besides, they are perfect for you if you like to have a lot of natural light in the house. Because they allow windows in places normal roofs can’t.

Stone-Coated Steel Roofing

This type of roofing looks incredibly neat and gives your house a polished look. It even gives your roof like it has clay tiles on it. Additionally, it is resistant to not only strong winds but also survives well in winter and even fire. This roofing material comes with a warranty and its material is designed for corrosion prevention. What’s more, is that they even have mechanisms for insulation.

For further guidance, you can contact the Best Roofing Installation Cresskill NJ. They will surely walk you through the installation procedure. Moreover, if you have any queries then you can get these experts to explain them to you.


Sometimes it’s hard to find/search for house things such as roofing ideas. Thus, people are changing their lifestyle from old to modern. As a result, they want to modernize the things around them as well. However, there are several ideas about modern roofing that may you like, like the ones we mentioned above.

Roofing designs include every type of style according to your choice and taste. Such as reflective roofs, sculptural roofs, curved roofs, and stone-coated roofs, etc. Obviously, you can ask roofing contractors or surf the internet for more options as well. You can use this guide and an expert’s opinion to choose the best possible option for your roofing style and material.