5 Latest Eyeliner Packaging Trends in 2021

eyeliner packaging

New trends come, and everyone follows them every year because it is the best idea to bring a new sector. Indeed it is one of the potent means to keep your loyal user from getting bore and brig even more buyers. Following the best pattern and always staying one step ahead in the business keeps any brand guaranteed excellent sales. Here are the top eyeliner packaging trends that are getting famous in the sector these days.

1. Simplicity is the key

Are you in the business and confused about the pattern and designs? If yes, then relax because here is the key. The simple pattern always in fashion and it inspires the buyers a lot. The simpler the packing it will be excellent for your brands. Plain is easy to make, and it also gives a unique and cool vibe to your entire item. It would help if you learned that when a user buys makeup items like eyeliner, lip-gloss, blush-one, and others, they do not want to waste in the box. They like the eye-catching pattern, pleasing and subtle that consists of stuff that keeps the things secure. So the primary purpose of the eyeliner boxes must be to keep the thing safe from any damage like:

  • shock
  • change in temp
  • moisture
  • others

So if you want little colors and patterns in your package, then stay tuned because, in the next section, you will learn about it!

2. Bring the Vibe with Pastel

Bring the vibe with the subtle shades of pink, gold, blue, and others depending on the target people’s items. When making a custom eyeshadow boxes or eyeliner package, it is best to go for the pastels. These shades are always in fashion, and people of each age love them because of their softness and vibe. All you need to work on the:

  • color schemes
  • need of the target buyer
  • contrast that goes best with these shades.

These shades are subtle and offer a calming impact on the buyer. Do you know pasters’ shades reflect feminism? Your 90% of the focused buyers are female, and nothing is much better than picking these soft subtle shades. All the pastels shades look great with the gold, silver, and black because they offer a rich vibe to the entire item. Do you want something classic for the eyeliners and others? if yes, then jump to the next heading

3. Classic Black and White Look

Here is the most potent tip for the eyeliner packaging: black and white colors if you are not sure about the pastels and simple designs. This classic combo never goes wrong and always targets buyers of all ages. Since the emergence of the cosmetic sector, this trend is trendy. In fact, in 2021, people link the quality with these colors because it gives:

  • classic vibe
  • quality look
  • worthy appearance

Today most of the leading makeup businesses like M.A.C. like to make their cases on solid black shades with white colors fonts. So it is one of the best picks for your cosmetic items because:

  • it has familiar designs
  • attract loyal following

All you need is hire the proper printing and packaging firms to do this job, make the best box for your business, and generate sales.

4. Old is Gold

2021 is all about the old vibes. In each sector, business is adding a vintage touch to their work like:

  • oils style cafes
  • dresses
  • photo frames
  • others

So why do not take benefit from the vintage style? Why people always go for the old designs and patterns? It is because of the nostalgic feeling it offers. It creates the best link with the users that remind them of things in the lovely past. The picture that reflects the vintage times has a unique means of sparking nostalgia, and many people will get engaged with the package as well. It will support you to boost the sales quickly and easily.

Now get ready to learn about the most vital picks when it comes to trends and sales.

5. Uses Eco-Friendly Stuff for eyeliner packaging

Among all the points that have been mentioned below, this one is most vital.

  • simple designs
  • pastels
  • black and white combo

Whether you go for the simple designs or the classic combo, if you fail to pick the right stuff for the package, then all is in vain. It one of the vital aspects of making custom eyeliner packing, and as a business, you must take part in green packaging and reduce global warming. Now people are very much aware of global warming effect and look to keep planet Earth the better living place. The study shows that around 75% of the user love to buy from the brand who offer the eco-friendly solution. It is the reason that many here are picking the eco-friendlier choices when you talk about cosmetics. Here are some tips that may help you:

  • go for the plastic-free package like cardboard, kraft paper, paper board, or others 
  • Offer r buyer re-fills choice like The Body Shop.

For your eyeliner boxes, it is best to go for the following stuff:

  • kraft paper
  • corrugated 
  • cardboard

The stuff mentions above are best because of the following reasons:

  • recyclable
  • reused 
  • rejected

6. Big Fonts are best

Let us think for a second; if you have picked the perfect pattern, lovely color combo with the eco-friendly stuff, would the buyer read the info on the case? Is it the million-dollar question? If he or she is unable to read that, it gives a shabby image of your business. So never ignore the value of the sizes of the fonts. Big fonts make it easy for the reader to read and make the thing visible from a distance.  If your packaging has a large font with an exciting and fun style, it can bring more people towards its items.