5 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Home

There’s no denying that living in the same house for a long time can become a little boring. Not because you don’t like it but because you’re seeing the same layout all the time. No matter how much you loved it in the beginning, you may want to change things up after a while. However, this can be expensive.

In this case, it would be good to have a few inexpensive ways to upgrade your home in order to give you that new look you’re wanting. In today’s article, we’ll be going through 5 inexpensive ways you can upgrade the look of your home. These tips include outdoor blinds, an accent wall and updating furniture you already have.

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Update Old Furniture

You may think that attempting to upgrade the look of your home would mean that you need all new furniture, but this isn’t true. You can keep all of your old furniture and simply upgrade them with new fabrics and accents.

Additionally, you can sand down some wooden pieces to refurbish them or change the colour with paint or varnish. Let your creative juices run wild but make sure your upgraded furniture will complement your interior décor.

Upgrading your furniture can be a fun DIY project for you and your family to do on the weekend so the process isn’t too long.

Change Light Fixtures

It sounds extremely simple, but a lot of people forget about the lighting in a house and how much it can change the look of a room. Some light fixtures are small and delicate, giving off a dim and soft light while other fixtures can be big and bulky with brighter or harsher light.

By changing the light fixtures or even light bulbs, you can change the way a room looks instantly by how the light illuminates an area. You can change the ambience of a room or make it look bigger or smaller with the lighting you choose. Lighting is a key component in any home and yet it’s taken for granted when it comes to the way your house looks.

Look into the different lighting features available out there to find out what’s right for your interior decor.

Paint Your Walls

Painting your walls may seem unimportant but choosing a different colour can make a huge impact on a room’s overall aesthetics. Create an accent wall that’s the only wall in the room with a different colour to make it a focal point in an area. This can be an eye-catching feature in a room. 

You can also change the colour of your walls to white to make the room look brighter. It’s also a fact that some colours can make a room look smaller while other tones can make a room look bigger. This is a good trick to use when dealing with a smaller room because you can make it look larger simply by painting the walls a lighter colour.

Buy New Curtains and Outdoor Blinds

Curtains, after some time, can look old and dull which makes a house look dingy. It’s a good idea to get new ones to make your house look more put together and different in a small way. Upgrading your house doesn’t have to be expensive because the smallest change can make a huge difference.

If you have a patio that gets a lot of sun exposure, you can also have outdoor blinds installed instead of having curtains. Some curtains aren’t as durable so they won’t hold up against UV rays whereas outdoor blinds are designed to withstand the elements.

Outdoor blinds add to the aesthetics of your external living space. There are plenty of designs and colours to choose from that will complement your home and add to your curb appeal.

Declutter Each Room

Over time, you and your family members may buy many items which can cause unnecessary clutter around the house. Clutter not only looks messy but can also affect the overall look of your home. You could declutter your house to streamline it and to get rid of items considered dust collectors.

Getting rid of clutter seems like a simple task but cleaning off tables and throwing away outdated ornaments can make a difference. Clutter can take any house and make it look messy, ruining the look you’re trying to achieve. Use draws to store items that you may need and throw away any unwanted, expired or old items to free up space in your home.

Final Thoughts

Change is always good, especially when you’ve lived in the same house for many years. Upgrading your home doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to take a long time. Sometimes, simple is the way to go.

After reading today’s article, you should now have a few new ideas on how to change the look of your house. Use these four easy and simple steps in this article and of course, have fun with the process!