5 Flying Pests You Should Prepare for This Spring and Summer


Spring is here and summer is on the way. Most flying pests love the warmth and prosper in their populations during these seasons. Getting your property prepared for these flying spring pests and safeguarding against infestations is the best approach. Once any of these flyers reside inside your property, you will find it hard to get rid of them.

Professional pest control Vancouver service providers are always available offering all kinds of pest removals. However, when you prepare the house yourself, you may not need their services. Flying pests love spring and summer seasons. This is why you see so many mosquitoes, flies, wasps and even cockroaches around in the warm season.

Mosquitoes Are Worst Flying Pests

Mosquitoes are without a doubt some of the worst flying pests. They aren’t the biggest and also not the most dangerous. What makes them the worst is their blood sucking nature and ability to keep you awake all night. They don’t come individually. Swarms of mosquitoes can also multiply so quickly in numbers. You don’t want mosquitoes in your house if you need peaceful sleep.

How to Be Ready for Mosquitoes?

If you don’t want itchy skin, its best to prepare you home for mosquitoes. Use mesh panels on doors and windows keeping them closed at all times. Cut entry points for mosquitoes. Use electric mosquito killer lights that attract them and then electrocute them quickly. Some mosquito repellent oils come useful as well. Use mosquito sprays for these flying pests getting rid of them as much as you can.

Flies Are Annoying Flying Pests

Mosquitoes can bite and literally suck your blood out. Flies are not that extreme. They also don’t carry diseases like malaria that are associated with mosquitoes too. Yet, on the level of annoying ability, flies go beyond any other flying pests. They can annoy the life out of people and pets. Also, fact that they are very unhygienic and love to sit on and eat our food, makes them more annoying.

What You Need to Do?

Keeping flies out is also pretty much the same as keeping mosquitoes out. You need to close entry points for these flying pests. Use mesh net panels on doors and windows. There are some quality fly sprays available in the market as well. Do whatever you need to keep them out. They multiply fast.

Cockroaches Can Give You a Scare

Mosquitoes are blood suckers; flies are annoying flying pests. Then, there are roaches. These can give many a heart rush. Cockroaches are both fliers and crawlers. They spend most time crawling and living on the ground. However, their fast reproduction and the large size with typical scary looks are enough to scare most. Imagine a flying roach coming towards you! Yikes.

How to Be Ready for Roaches?

Cockroaches very seldom enter a property by flying through windows or doors. They would typically crawl through little gaps and holes. Any gaps in doors or windows are ideal for them. Make sure to seal all door and window gaps and also cracks or holes in walls, ceilings or floors. They can come from any side. Ceiling cracks, floor holes, wall gaps and door or window spaces are all enough for them.

Honey Bees Are Flying Pests

Although bees are very important to the ecosystem, they can swarm properties. They can even build hives inside your house. Especially ceilings, roofs and higher points can be targeted easily. Also, when they feel like they are threatened, they can bite pretty hard. There will not be a single bee delivering its sting to you as well. There will be swarms of these flying pests with thousands of stings.

How to Stay Safe?

At worse, bee stings when delivered in large numbers can also kill people. You must make sure to regularly check all your interior for bee hives. Even not let a single bee enter. If infestation has taken place, it is best to leave removal to professionals. Pest control Burnaby services will be able to help. Find your local ones and have all these flying pests removed quickly.

Hornets and Wasps

Hornets are wasps are other very scary flying pests. They are large and can also attach when they feel threatened. They might not be as stingy as dangerous as bees and will not attack in such high numbers as well. Yet, they are pretty annoying, scary and a whole lot more when left unchecked. These can also build their nests inside homes, rooms and properties of all kinds.

What You Need to Do?

Flying pests in hornets or wasps can also attract other predatory pests like bats and more. You need to keep your place free from them. Close entry points. Use mesh or netting window and door covers. Contact your local pest control services in case you have an infestation going on. Have them removed quickly without letting their population grow much.