5 Common Sleep Problems for Babies and Solutions

Do your baby’s sleeping habits disturb you at night? Sleep can be a matter of stress and you may be wondering why your baby keeps waking up in the middle of the night. All mothers find themselves in difficult situations with their babies.

Here we’ve rounded up five confusing sleep scenarios and tried to find possible solutions.

Sleep scenario # 1- The rocker baby

For babies to go from sleeping while being rocked to falling asleep on their own, they must master two skills. First, the ability to fall asleep other than in their mother’s arms and second, the ability to sleep without being rocked.

Gradually try to replace the rocking movement with white noise. Play the sound while rocking the baby for a couple of nights. Your baby will find a new connection to sleep and make the transition from falling asleep in your arms to falling asleep in the crib easier. The idea is to create other sleep associations to help your baby fall asleep on their own without your presence.

Sleep scenario # 2- The baby that sleeps anywhere but at home

Since babies are so curious, they won’t be getting enough rest if they fall asleep on short car trips. Observe your child for 24 hours and see if you miss any signs that they are sleepy: whether they are rubbing their eyes, being clingy or scared, or whining.

If you are reasonably sure that your baby is getting enough sleep overall, you may be planning your outing too close to bedtime. Therefore, you need to adjust your booking schedule for naps. A 20-minute downtime in the car can ruin the two-hour break you’ve been waiting for all morning.

Sleep scenario # 3- The speed napper

Is your baby taking naps but waking up soon after?

First, try to identify the root of the problem. Check if your baby has any interruptions during napping. It may be too hot or too cold, too loud, or too quiet. You might also check the baby’s diaper for rashes; if that’s the case, try using natural disposable bamboo diapers.

If your baby keeps waking up from their nap too quickly, try to get them enough sleep at night first. If they sleep well at night, try to create a similar environment. Buy heavy curtains for the windows and create a nap time environment, just as you would before bed.

Sleep scenario # 4- The ‘skip the nap’ baby

90% of all 12-month-olds nap twice a day, but after 15 months, 20% abandon their naps.

How do you know if your baby is ready to skip napping? Watch them at around 4 pm to 5 pm. If your baby is cheerful, they are likely getting enough rest. If they are irritable then they probably need another one.

It is important to wait until mid-afternoon to watch the baby’s mood. This is because by the end of the day, babies become tired if they aren’t getting enough sleep.

Sleep scenario # 5- The routine sleeper

You may feel lucky if your baby is a routine sleeper. However, they may create a huge fuss with the slightest change in the routine. Try to copy your bedtime routine as often as possible. Even while traveling, try to bathe your baby at the same time. Carry natural baby wipes to keep the baby fresh and clean.


Putting your baby to sleep is difficult as it is, and having them sleep uninterrupted is an added job. These are some of the most common sleep issues parents face with simple solutions that will help you and your baby get adequate sleep.