4 Email Marketing Tips That You Need To Try Out ASAP

Email marketing is a relatively old feature of online marketing. Unlike SEO and social media marketing, email marketing requires a completely different approach and recording good responses is relatively tough. 

First of all, for an email campaign to work, the emails you send have to be opened. While the chances of recording good responses may be tough, through the right approach and techniques, you can create the perfect email marketing campaign. 

Here are 4 email marketing tips that you need to try out ASAP

#1- Reuse old emails with a little modification

If a certain email sent some time ago was not a huge success you can make a few tweaks here and there and can resend it with a different title. Now keep in mind that you must send these emails only to those subscribers who did not open your email the first time. 

Resending an email to someone who has already read may force your emails into the spam box, so be careful!

#2- Prioritize engagement with your subscribers

Boring emails with no engagement with the subscriber can become the main cause of your lowering rates of subscription. We understand that your aim is to boost your website performance or generate more sales. 

However to establish that you must first form a good rapport with your subscribers and that can be done easily by regularly engaging with them. 

#3- Make your email titles mobile friendly

With an exponential increase in mobile usage people conduct most of their business online and this includes opening and responding to emails. Unlike the desktop version where long email titles can easily fit the screen, the mobile version of an email title is bound to get cropped. 

To prevent this from happening, you must make your email titles as crisp and concise as possible. This will not only work well with your mobile email users, but will also enhance the email comprehension as the headings will be crisp and short. 

#4- Regular A/B testing

Regular testing and surveys are recommended in all fields of business. With A/B testing you can conduct experiments with two options. 

This allows you to draw insights from what your audience would or would not like. These experiments are good for businesses as they open the options for the marketers to try out new formats of content, new approaches and ideas for the website. 

Through A/B testing you get responses directly from your subscribers and not some likely answers from statistics and logical analysis. While those are quite important in today’s world, A/B testing has its own benefits. 

In Conclusion

Email marketing is a tried and tested technique for generating traffic and creating conversions on your website. Here are 4 email marketing tips that you need to try out ASAP. 

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