3 Tips for Choosing an SEO Specialist for Your Company

SEO Company

Looking to step up your online marketing game in 2021 but not sure how to choose the best company for your business? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In 2020, a study found that 37% of business owners had not yet invested in search engine optimization services because they couldn’t find a professional that they were happy with.

When it comes to choosing the most reliable SEO Company Adelaide has to offer, you need to consider whether they are going to be a good fit for your business. To make the process easier and to provide some fair warning to companies looking to invest in search engine optimisation services, we have put together a list of three essential things that you need to look for before you choose your digital marketing partner in 2021.

1. Do They Work with Your Rivals?

Here’s the truth, if they are going to be working with your rivals, then there is no chance that they are going to be able to rank you at the top of the SEO results. Before you. Begin speaking with a prospective SEO company, ask them whether they are working with any of your competitors at the moment and whether they would take on someone else if you joined.

SEO is hard enough, working with the same company as your competitors is only going to complicate the process. Ensure that your SEO partner is not working with any of your competitors and will not be working with them in the future. 

2. How Do They Measure Success?

Your SEO company needs to have the same KPIs and tools for measuring your success as your business. Before you begin working with an SEO company, ask them how they plan to measure your success and what they would deem to be a successful campaign for your business based on your goods and services on offer. Here are some of the ways that you should be measuring the success of your SEO campaign:

  • Increased organic clicks
  • Increased impressions
  • Increased click through rate
  • Increased number of enquiries
  • Higher quality leads
  • More revenue

Do They Have In House Experts or Do they Outsource?

No one wants to hire an SEO company in their city only to find out that they outsource their work to another country. To ensure that you are always aligned on your SEO goals, it is important that the SEO company keeps their resources in-house and doesn’t outsource them to a cheaper, overseas partner. Before you start working together, it might be a good idea to meet the team you will be working with on your website.


Choosing the right marketing partners for your website is a tough task. In 2021, it could mean the difference between a record year, and a year in which you don’t record a profit. Choose your digital marketing partners wisely.