3 Things to Check Before You Go Out for a Walk

A casual walk is not so casual these days. Even if lockdowns are already over in your area, you’d still want to be careful when you step out. That means being intentional in the places you visit, dressing up appropriately for the weather, and allotting enough time between tasks knowing that you might spend a long time in line.

To accomplish your tasks effectively, make sure you check the following before going out:

Your Mask and Extra Face Protection

Your Mask and Extra Face Protection

The responsible thing to do these days is to always wear a mask when going out and to practice social distancing. You might be used to wearing your mask before you leave home already, but if you’re going to be away for a few hours, make sure you bring a spare. A lot of things could happen while you’re outside: the strap of your mask might break, you may lose your shield, or you may drop it. It will be unsafe to go out and risk not being protected by anything, so always bring a spare. If you’re wearing gloves, make sure you remove them without touching the outside as well. Bring spare gloves too, in case it breaks.

Your Sunscreen

Even though you’ll be protected by a face mask and a face shield, this is no excuse to forget sun protection. UV rays can penetrate those surfaces, plus if you don’t apply sun protection evenly, you may develop discoloration and skin damage on the exposed areas. Know how to choose your Korean sunscreen carefully and go for a formulation that won’t be oily once applied to the skin. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while you’re outside. Remember that you have to apply sunscreen before going out; if you apply it when you’re already outside, that will not protect you from the first few minutes you were out.

Your Cards and Grocery List

Initially, you wanted to just go for a walk and thought you’d be back home after a few minutes. But then when you’re outside, you remember everything you needed to buy, and you end up going to the groceries, braving the long lines. Because this is an unplanned trip, you’re not prepared with reusable bags or a list that reminds you of items you would usually forget. It’s not enough to leave your grocery list to chance. You don’t know when you’ll be able to go out freely again or when the grocery will be low on the supply of your favorite brands. Think of the effort of going out and taking a shower immediately to cleanse your body, and to do that all over again on grocery day. Make a day out of walking outside and restocking your pantry instead, and end it with a nice, long bath.

It’s not enough that you’re getting exercise through random walks outside. If you’re already going out and you want to make the most of it, do all the productive things you can do during the same trip.