3 Reasons Why Uber Is Getting the Attention of Riders

uber car rental

In 2009, Uber took the transportation industry to many heights when the ground-breaking ride sharing app got released. People find this this app for Google Android, as a web app as well as for apple iOS. Once you install the app in your phone, opening it and putting the pick-up and drop-off location will connect you to the screened nearby drivers. And within 5-10 minutes, Uber driver will be at your given location to pick you up. Uber app allow you to choose the vehicle of your choice and the give you the estimated fare range to pick the vehicle that suits your budget.

Moreover, if you’re group of 2-3 friends, you can share the fare charges, and this will go so economically. Most of the people find economical to hire a car from Uber Car Rental compared to the taxis.

This ride-sharing app is being used in many countries across the globe and more and more people are going to get it installed because of the comfortability and relaxation it provides. It will help you reach the desired place even if you don’t own a vehicle of your own. In 2020, it was found that almost 55 million of people are using Uber vehicle each month.

Many people are amazed at this number and curious to know why so many people are using this app.

Get Fast Trips Anytime, Anywhere!

Most of the people believe that the failure of taxis is because people don’t want to go the taxi station to take the ride instead, they request Uber to reach at the said destination quickly enough. Taxi companies are now blaming their drivers not to pick the passengers and drop them off at the right time. However, taxi drivers started giving a reason that people start paying low fares after using Uber.

On the other side, taxi drivers found complaining about the low fares that customers are going to pay for the short distance trips. They charge high fares and customer do want to pay less and this has made the taxi companies less efficient.

Compared to the traditional taxi services, Uber customers also have to wait just a few minutes to get the vehicle right in front of their homes.

Moreover, via UberPool, it is also possible for the riders to share the rides with the other customers heading in same direction.  This makes the ride hassle free and reach the customers in time at the desired location.

It Provides Safety:

Taking a ride on Uber Car Rental is quite safe comparted to the other transportation methods. There are many incidents experienced by the company such as drivers seem misbehaving with the passengers, attacking the passengers and doing wring acts. This has made the Uber company to be more careful and asking for the drivers to submit necessary documents and criminal background checks. From now on, companies check the drivers’ background every year that includes vehicle records, involvement in criminal activities and a review of the NSOD (National Sex Offenders Database)

Post-Party Rides:

For the taxi drivers, it gets really difficult to pick up the riders who have had too much to drink in the areas difficult to found and at the time, when its already so late. There are almost 4 million Uber drivers in over 900 cities around the globe. People who belong to social class can only rely on being able to find available Uber drivers through their apps in the late-night hours. It is not less than a challenge to pick the highly intoxicated passengers and take them to their destinations. Such drivers behave rude sometime and may also attack the passengers on some occasions. In India, uber drivers were first to get access the panic button to push in case of emergencies. However, in Us, Uber drivers gained access to this panic button in 2018.

Make You Feel as Its Your Own Vehicle:

Most of the people can’t afford the cost of owning a car. You have to invest a great deal of amount when you want to purchase a vehicle of your own. People living in urban areas can save their money if they start using uber. They can invest this this sum of money to invest somewhere else. Plus, they won’t have to suffer to get the ride when its an era of Uber. Uber has made it possible to also do online grocery sitting at home. This is another addition in Uber services, and you may get many more in future!

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