3 Must-Know Ways to Check Bank of India Balance

Bank balance something which is liked by everyone and wants to keep increasing it. We often check the balance that is remaining in our bank account. Bank of India bank is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This bank is also considered to be one of the most trusted banks that are serving the people of India. You might get surprised to listen about this.

But let me tell you.

The banks which are working in India allow their customers to check their balance by following 7 ways. Sometimes when I readers get to know that there are 7 ways. It is hard to believe them. But not all the 7 ways are very famous and used by the customers.

And that is the reason why I came up with the idea to write about the 3 must-know ways to check Bank of India account balance.

Now you might be thinking why am I considering these 3 ways to be must-know?

Ok, so let me tell you.

I am considering these must-know ways because these are the 3 most used and most loved ways to check the balance that is remaining in the bank account. One of the ways in these 3 is the fastest method to check the balance.

Which are those must know ways to Check BOI Balance?

BOI is the short form for Bank of India. Now let me explain these 3 ways to you. And also tell you how you can check your bank of India balance using these ways.

But if you wish to read about all the ways using which you can check the balance. Then you can read all of them in this article of Bank With Us: How to Check Bank of India Account Balance? all the ways are explained in depth.

Checking the BOI Balance by Sending SMS

In this way, you have to send an SMS to the bank’s number by using particular keywords. These keywords are decided by the bank for SMS Banking and you can find all the keywords on the official website of the Bank of India. But if you just want to know the keyword to check your balance then there is no need to worry.

Because I will tell you the keyword that you can use to check your balance.

To check your balance by sending the SMS you have to type the SMS as BAL <space> SMS Password and send the SMS to +919810558585 from your registered mobile number.

This method will work only if you send this SMS from the mobile number that is registered with your bank account. If you are sending the SMS from the other mobile numbers. Then you will not be able to check the amount of remaining balance in your account.

This method almost works instantly and you will get an SMS from the bank as soon as you send the SMS to the bank. But you have to make sure that you don’t have any typo mistake in the SMS. Because if you have made any typing mistake then you will not get a response from the bank.

Checking the BOI Balance using ATM Card

This is one of the most common ways to check the balance that is remaining in your bank account. To use this method you will require 3 things. And they are your ATM Card, an ATM Machine of any bank, and your ATM PIN number. If you have these 3 things then you will be able to use this method.

You just have to insert your ATM card into the machine, select the language in which you want to use the machine. And select the balance enquiry option.

Once you select the balance enquiry option you will be asked to select between viewing your balance on the screen and take a print out of receipt. Select any one option of your choice and your work is done.

Checking the BOI Balance by Giving Missed Call

I was talking about the fastest way to check your balance in the beginning part of this guide. This is what I was talking about. The missed call method is the fastest method to check your balance.

There is no charge applied to you by the Bank of India if you are using this method. But the condition is you have to give the missed call from your registered mobile number only.

Just like the SMS method even this method requires the registered mobile number. All you have to do is give a missed call to 9015135135 and you will receive a message from the bank about your remaining balance.