20 High Tech business ideas for small business

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20 High Tech business ideas for small business

In this era of technology, it becomes easier for you to set up your own small business with very little investment by possessing few skills. At the beginning of this New Year, try to find out who you really are and become an entrepreneur. There are lots of opportunities knocking at your door; you just need to discover them. 

Let’s discuss below 20 high tech ideas to set up a small business.  

1.     Start Blogging 

If you are a blog lover and like to explore new things over the internet, then the blogging business is perfect for you. You can start writing blogs on a daily basis on different topics and attract the audience by sharing your views. Moreover, you can attract other bloggers and businesses by increasing traffic on their respective page i.e blogging for them.   

2.    Start as an eBay Consultant 

An eBay consultant helps other people to generate significant income by introducing the efficient use of eBay. It’s a lucrative job where one can sell goods and services online at a fair price. 

3.    Select to be a Data Entry Operator 

Data entry is one of the finest jobs to set up a small business. If you have a great typing skill and have a sharp eye, then this profession is meant for you. By spending a few hours, you can mint legitimate profit during initial days. 

4.    Web Content Analyst 

It’s a good choice to kick-start your small business in the field of web content analyst. If you are sound in English language and have a good grip on grammar then this is perfect for you to prove your expertise. A good ‘Web Content Analyst’ is in great demand by almost all business tycoons and bloggers. 

5.    Become a Social Media Expert 

Social media is a common platform where internet users globally interact with each other. It is a great tool to advertise the online presence of your business. If you are an expert in social media tools and love to earn online, then this is the correct time to start your small business.  

6.    Start your Computer Repair and Maintenance Center 

Another thriving hi-tech small business plan is to open a ‘computer repair and maintenance center. This is possible only if you have knowledge of computer parts and skill to repair them. Almost all businesses house computers in their offices. They often contact the ‘maintenance center’ for repairing or replacing various computer parts. You can also use maintenance management software. It would be a better move to start your ‘computer repair and maintenance center’ in the middle of a commercial area or in a marketplace where you will get so many work opportunities.  

7.    Open a One Stop IT Solution Shop 

One Stop IT Solution is a center for all IT related problems. A generic shop for all types of electronic equipment. It is a lucrative business with affordable capital investment. It would be more profitable if you open an ‘IT solution’ in a busy area, where everyone easily reaches your shop. 

 8.    Develop a Website or Similar Platform as Shared Economy 

This is another great idea of developing a website or app as a shared economy. It will be a common platform where all users will share their products, items or advertise their services online to attract their respective consumers. All you require is having website or cross platform mobile development skills and your online business earns profit for you. 

9.    Rent Your Electronics Gadgets/luxury things online 

Another profitable online business is to rent your costly electronic gadgets online. Nowadays, online renting has become a very common business and the easiest source of income. For instance, you can rent your digital camera, lens, luxury clothes or jewelry. 

10. Open your Library on Internet 

Internet library or e-library, fueling among book lovers or students and it is very common among them. E-library enables the user to access their desired books from any part of the world provided they have internet connected devices like laptops, smartphones. It requires registration fees or membership which is affordable to everyone. Thus, you gain the right market for the business. 

11. Write and Sell your Composition Online 

A Smart way to earn online is to author and sell your composition online. This business is meaningful if and only if you have writing skills and you are a keen writer.  

12. Fiber Cable Installation 

Installation of fiber cable is another profitable business in the tech industry. Fiber cable is used in telecommunication industries for the transformation of information over the internet. You can tie up with telecommunication industries to start up the installation process. 

13. Start Computer Training Institute 

Are you computer savvy? If yes, then this is the right business for you. Besides helping others in gaining insight into technology, you will get a good amount of money too. People love to learn new things on computers especially in remote areas, surely they will contact you. 

14.  Get into Video Streaming Business 

Video streaming is a significant part of digital marketing and it is very common in almost every business. If you have abilities of processing raw video footage and sending it over the internet then this field is perfect for you. 

15.   Manufacture and Sell Mobile Phones 

This is another way to mint money from your small business.  The mobile market is very vast as it has various purposes both in domestic life as well as in commercial life. If you have a bigger vision then you can opt to start the business of mobile manufacturing and sell your brand to customers. Since the market is very big, you need to keep an eye on your competitor brand too. 

16.   Choose to become an SEO Consultant 

A blogger’s page does not reach its audience till it ranks high in the search result. Most people believe in the top 5 search links shown by search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. So, every blogger looks for an effective SEO consultant and it’s a really good job opportunity. 

17.   Start as an Animation Professional 

This business is profitable for those who possess animation skills. Nowadays animation is becoming popular in the world of technology. All businesses are looking for such professionals who animate their business online or offline. 

18.   Start your Tech show on Radio 

Tech show on radio is a thriving InfoTech business in the industry. At the initial phase, it may take time to mint profit as the whole process will take time in dragging listeners but afterward, it will bring fruitful results. A good analysis of current IT trends will bring more listeners. Patience and persistence is key to starting a ‘Tech Show’ on radio as business. 

19.   Develop a Powerful Antivirus 

An attractive and money making job for software developers is to develop an antivirus for computers and smartphones. You can pool good cash from the software industry by effectively marketing antivirus. 

20.   Choose to be an Internet Service Provider 

You can initiate small business by choosing the profession of ‘Internet Service Provider’. All you need to get a license from the government. ISP has a good market due to the availability of several important things over the internet and you can get a good chunk of money in your wallet. Business ideas mentioned above will be fruitful only if you possess undying interest in it. It will be meaningless to choose a business just because of its popularity. It is worthless to start an IT center, while your zeal lies to become a chef.