2 killed, 13 wounded after gunfire erupts at party in Chicago’s South Side

gunfire erupts at party

Authorities said two people were killed and at least 13 injured when gunmen opened fire on a party in the southern city of Chicago on Sunday morning.

Police spokesperson Jose Zara said the authorities responded around 4:30 am. Their bullets ranged from 20 to 44 years old. Zara had previously said that 12 people had been shot, but the police later increased the number to 15.

Fire department spokesman Larry Merritt told the Chicago Sun-Times that seven of the injured were hospitalized in critical condition.

Speaking to reporters at the crime scene in Chicago’s Park Monroe neighborhood, Police Inspector David Brown said investigators are still looking for a possible cause.

Brown said four guns were seized at the scene, but did not say whether investigators believed more than one person had been shot. He was not arrested.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Brown said. “Detectives are really just getting started”

Brown grew up in a garage connected to the business as described at a “pop-up party”.

The Chicago Tribune reported that shortly after the incident, red and black balloons and a shoe were on the ground outside the workplace.

“We don’t know how the party is involved in the celebration right now, but we’re still trying to understand what that purpose might be,” Brown said.

The Chicago Fire Department said at least 15 people were shot dead following a gunfight at a business party in Park Monroe, where a party was held on Sunday morning.

Chicago police said a fight broke out between several people attending the party at 4:40 am on the 00 6700 block of South Chicago Boulevard. 15 people between the ages of 20-44 were injured.

Firefighter spokesman Larry Merritt said the two were dead.

Rainasha Dotson, 30, and Lionel Darling, 39, were diagnosed by the Cook County Medical Examination Department. It was announced that the two died at the scene at 16:55.

Merritt said all other injured people were listed in critical or critical condition at the hospital.

Police spokesperson Tom Ahren said investigators are still trying to determine if multiple shots have been fired or if there has been a gunfight.

South Side Think Tank 6798S. The shooting took place on South Chicago Boulevard, where a pool of blood appeared to be spreading misguided shoes along the sidewalk. Officers kept at least 10 signs of evidence outside the building, but most inspectors were inspecting the inside of the business.

Chicago Police Super. David Brown said four guns were seized but no one was detained. He noted that inspectors are “following a few different clues” that can no longer be confirmed.

Detectives continued their initial investigations and interviews, but many of the injured witnesses are still in surgery and have yet to be interviewed. There are many more types of motives and additional evidence

Brown said the mass shooting area is a garage that is home to a Toyakena company and doubles as an event venue for the party.

“There’s actually a bar set up inside, so at some point it could possibly be an old lounge converted into a pop-up party,” Brown said. “We don’t know how the celebration got involved in this party.”

Brown promised the city authorities would take a “deep dive” into the property’s history and decide whether the owner was indicated for previous violations.

The South Side Think Tank is not currently registered with the Illinois State Department, but the company has a business license with the City of Chicago. According to the Chicago Department of Business and Consumer Protection, the focus of the company is business and management consulting.

Jerome Riley is the only name listed in the company’s city registry. Last February, he was listed on the state records as the registered manager of Taboo Lounge LLC, who shared the same address with the South Side Think Tank and disappeared inadvertently.

The South Side Think Tank’s phone number was disconnected and the relay was not immediately available for comment. According to the Cook County Clerk’s Office records, 2035 w. The building was built by Stondry LLC located in Giddings St.