15 Iconic Rock Images that Defined Music

15 Iconic Rock Images that Defined Music

There have been so many iconic moments that have occurred throughout the years that are purely rock & roll. Luckily a lot of those iconic moments have been caught on camera for future generations to have a chance to enjoy. The history of rock & roll is spread over several generations and so are all of these iconic moments.

These Photos Allow Us To Relive All Of These Moments of Rock & Roll History

All of these iconic photos help us to relive all the moments that define rock & roll…

1. Stevie Wonder by Ian Dickson

This iconic shot of Stevie Wonder is a perfect display of his unique style. He is one of the greatest musical geniuses to ever live.

2. Blondie by Adrian Boot

Blondie is one of the best women lead rock bands in history. This black and white shot of Debbie and her bandmates is one for the history books.

3. Jimi Hendrix by Fred W. McDarrah

Jimi Hendrix has a one-of-a-kind style that is the definition of rock & roll. His style is iconic and is still mimicked by many other artists.

4. Aerosmith by Larry Busacca

This picture of the band holding a road sign that bears their name will transport you back to the days you would blast their tapes in your car.

5. Carly Simon by Peter Simon

This picture will instantly have you humming “you’re so vain”. It may also make you wonder who the song was really about.

6. Debbie Gibson by Mark Weiss

This photo of Debbie Gibson will exist outside of your dreams and make you remember all of her classic songs.

7. Bob Marley by Gary Gershoff

This is such a great shot of Bob Marley that you will instantly start humming some of his classic numbers.

8. Dave Grohl by Andy Willsher

This iconic picture of Dave Grohl is a great shot of the man who started the Foo Foo Fighters.

9. Kurt Cobain by Alice Wheeler

This iconic shot of Kurt Coban truly captures the legendary style of this artist that left this planet way too early.

10. Joan Jett by Marcia Resnick

This photo of Joan Jett, in what appears to be a bathroom in a dive bar, perfectly encompasses rock & roll in a single picture.

11. Slash by Karl Larsen

This photo of the lead singer of Guns & Roses truly captures Slash’s unique energy and style.

12. Tina Turner by Chuck Pulin

Tina Turner is an absolute legend and this photo of her on stage as a young woman is one of a kind.

13. Debbie Harry by Roberta Bayley

The lead singer of the rock band Blondie is breathtaking in this photo.

14. Donna Summer by James Fortune

Any picture of Donna Summer is legendary. She is a one-of-a-kind artist and her beauty shines through in every photo of her.

15. Stevie Nicks by James Fortune

This is such a fun candid shot of Stevie Nicks. Her face is full of true joy as she holds a cute stuffed animal.

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