Best 11 Midnight Healthy Snacks To Stop Your Hunger in Delhi

midnight snacks
midnight snacks

People in Delhi are truly fond of their lives and know how to live it king size. Today we are talking about how you can be a Delhite and enjoy your life fully too. If you are living in Delhi for a long time you probably have the hang of it but if not then here’s your chance to live a day in the life of a Delhite. And the “healthy midnight snacks for weight loss” to begin the adventure is by eating midnight snacks after a hangover, on a night stay, or even on days when you want to binge-watch all night and want to eat things that calm your craving gut and nerves.

For instance, you can order cake delivery in Delhi at midnight in flavours like red velvet, chocolate truffle, orange, cheesecakes, jar cakes and what not and online platforms will be quick to serve you the best. If not you can always eat something cold or hot by bringing them out of the fridge at night for keep them stalked by ordering in the evening. For a night with your friends or to spend some alone time with yourself you always have an option to eat well in Delhi. 

Healthy Snacks List:

Below are healthy snacks lists that can help to you control our your weight.


You can make fresh and hot popcorn any time of the night in the cooker or oven easily and have options of enticing flavours as well. 

Maggie and macaroni

Not always Maggie is the right or the only ‘healthy midnight snacks India satisfying thing and you will not regret clubbing your usual Maggie with macaroni combining the flavor of masala and cheese all at once.

Spaghetti pasta

Cooking spaghetti pasta is an incredibly easy, one-person job and you can do it while watching your web series or have your friend make it for you while you simply chill. 

Chicken rolls

Making chicken rolls can be a taxing task but you can order them in the evening and keep them in the kitchen, are heat and then eat them when you want. 

Chicken biryani

You can order chicken biryani too and when you are fond of non-vegetarian food, it’s hard to have anything that’s not chicken or mutton. Have it with chutneys and spices and have the perfect night. 

Tandoor momos

You can order tandoori momos too in any kind you like from your favourite shop and have it ready in the evening itself. 


Sushi is a great dish to have any time especially when it’s a night in and all you want to do is eat things that you otherwise don’t. You can go as crazy as you like with your ordering options. 


This one you can make at home in an enormous number of flavours with a minimal amount of ingredients and a simple YouTube tutorial is enough for you to do it nicely. 

Ice Cream shake

If you have ice cream and milk at home, making an ice cream shake at home is not a tough job. You can make strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate or any other flavour of shake by simply mixing some ice cream with milk and adding ice cream on the top of the glass after you are done. 

Hot coffee

Coffee lovers probably love a good taste of coffee midnight Healthy Snacks at night and while binge-watching there’s nothing more soothing than a hot cup of coffee that you can make easily too. From different kinds to different varieties the options are too many. 


You can probably order cupcakes in flavors like chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, pineapple, orange, red velvet, truffle, pie, and many others and have a box of those midnight Healthy Snacks by your side to eat during the whole night.