10 Tips To Fight Seasonal Depression

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Do you experience changes in your sleeping patterns, mood, and appetite as weather changes? You are not alone because this happens due to a decrease in levels of serotonin in the body. Such a change becomes even more prominent during autumn and winter when there is a reduction in sunlight.

So if you are experiencing sadness and blues when the fall starts, it may be due to seasonal depression. However, you can overcome such a poor mental health condition by following some simple tips.

How To Overcome Seasonal Depression?

You may feel like you will never experience happiness again as the shadows of loneliness and sadness cover you. But this is not true, you can easily fight seasonal depression through some easy and practical tips. These tips will surely help you live a happier life even when the weather changes. So let’s discuss each of the below tips in detail:

Watch A Funny Serial

Stop watching sad movies right now! There’s something much better for fall than watching depressed and sad TV shows. You can watch Friends, How I Met Your Mother, or The Big Bang Theory on Netflix. So pick any fun sitcom and enjoy your free time. 

Watch them on the subway, on your way to work, and don’t pay attention to the faces of already depressed fellow citizens. And, of course, watch them at home, especially on sad evenings when you feel lonely.

 Quit Alcohol

People who are already suffering from depression should quit drinking alcohol. Excessive or binge drinking will only worsen the mental health condition of such a person. If not stopped, heavy drinking can lead to other serious consequences, such as suicide. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are a general civilian or a veteran, it is important to get help to quit alcohol addiction.

According to statistics on veterans and substance abuse, the problem of alcohol abuse is more prevalent among veterans than in the general public. There are even special programs that are tailored according to the needs of such individuals. So get help today to improve your overall health.

Wear Colorful Clothes

Avoid wearing only black clothes in winter. This will help not only you, but also those around you! If everyone finally stops wearing exclusively black coats or jackets – in transport, on the way to work or school, it will not seem that the whole city has rushed together to someone’s funeral. Seeing colors like green and blue around you help manage stress and help you stay calm. So it is preferable to wear colorful clothes to fight depression.

Plan Your Next Vacation

Do it right now, even if the vacation is not coming soon! Thoughts about the upcoming trip will distract you from the dreary picture outside the window. And by planning a vacation now, you will thank yourself in the future. This is because organized plans also keep you from stress and anxiety, so you should plan everything in advance.

Practice Yoga

What’s better than yoga to fight seasonal depression? Inhale-exhale and the harmony of the body and spirit will help you relax. And in no time, there will be no place left for autumn melancholy and blues. As an alternative to yoga, you can also try getting a massage. Let this easy and simple tip beat all the sadness out of you.

Take Vitamins

Summer is over, and the grannies selling such delicious berries and fruits have disappeared from the streets. As a result, many people experience nutritional deficiencies during cold weather. Lack of certain vitamins, such as B12, D, and B9 increase the risk of developing depression. 

Go to a bigger supermarket, where you will find at least bananas in which there is a substance similar to the serotonin that improves mood. Also, look for other fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients. Vegetables and fruits are not only healthy, but they are also a nice visual reminder of summer in your kitchen.

Proper Sleep

Try to get enough sleep and ventilate the apartment more often even if it’s cold outside. It may sound like a difficult task. But the key to always staying in a good mood is healthy sleep. It gets dark quite early, so it’s still possible to accustom the body to go to bed early. 

It’s also important to get as much oxygen as possible, so make it a rule to ventilate the room well for at least an hour before bed. You should not be afraid of cold breeze during cold weather. And just keep the windows open for a while.

Redesign Your Home

Yes, your interior can be endlessly cool, but now is the time to update it. Refresh your surroundings. Buy a new table lamp, move the sofa, and even all the furniture. So you can enjoy looking at it, you sigh peacefully, and say “oh, how cool it is at my house, and I don’t care that it’s raining, cold, or windy outside.

Chat With Friends

You may not feel like going outside and you just want to lie at home and think about the meaning of life and the futility of being. But once you start doing it, you won’t be able to stop! So you will wallow at home all autumn and find excuses to stay at home.  

And then winter will start, and cold weather will be another excuse to avoid friends. But you should not lock yourself at home and visit your friends in a cozy cafe where you can have a hot chocolate and chat.

Get A Pet

To have someone to lisp with and someone to complain about life in the evenings is a blessing. Do you feel annoyed all the time and you have nobody to vent on? Just pet the cat or cuddle a hamster. You can even feed a parrot. A little tenderness every day will cheer you up every day and also help you relax.

Now you know how to fight seasonal depression so follow the tips above to stay cheerful always.