10 Reasons to Visit a UK Country Home

The UK is full to the brim with history, and much of that history is held within the walls of country homes, making them the perfect day out. Whether you want an escape from the city or somewhere to take the kids, here are ten reasons to visit a UK country home.

1: There Are Plenty to Choose From

From Adlington Hall & Gardens to Chatsworth House, you are never short of options when it comes to visiting country homes in the UK. If you are in a UK city, the chances are there’s one just a half an hour drive from you! For history buffs with a love of rich buildings and grand gardens, you could even make it your mission to visit them all.

2: To Meet Likeminded People

Most people who visit country homes have similar interests, whether that’s a love of rich culture or a longing to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. By visiting more country homes, you are more likely to meet people with who you’ll have riveting conversations, especially if you make it a regular occurrence. You could even become a member of your nearest UK country home!

3: To Explore Nature

Country homes aren’t just about what’s lying within the walls; they also tend to have acres upon acres of beautiful countryside gardens that you can spend hours wandering through. Depending on which country home you visit, you may find fountains, ponds, woods, manicured gardens, and even mazes. Nature is healing, so a trip to one of these homes can give you that injection of outdoors you desperately need.

4: For a Cheap Day Out

The UK has a lot to offer when it comes to days out, but not all of them are as cheap as visiting a country home. Theme parks and zoos may be entertaining, but they will quickly set your wallet back, and that’s not even counting lunch! While entry prices are normal for country homes around the UK, they’re usually never too extortionate, and you get what you pay for. Plus, if you become a member, you can enjoy reduced prices for frequent visits.

5: To Imagine a Different Life

Most people aren’t blessed with acres of land and high-ceiling halls leading to multiple rooms upon birth, but some of Britain’s rich aristocrats and landowners were. While you might not be able to wake up each morning to historical portraits hanging over your bed, you can visit the country homes that held some of the wealthiest families who could and imagine what it must have been like to lead a life like that. It will take you out of your own life, if only for a little while.

6: For an Interesting Education

Visiting country homes is a great way to educate yourself about the UK’s rich history and culture. Whether you are interested in the royal family, old fashion trends, or art history, there will be something to satisfy you within those walls. It’s not just a trip that provides great memories; it gifts you with a large dose of knowledge, too. If you are a teacher, it’s a great place to suggest for your next school trip.

7: To Enjoy a Peaceful Lunch

Every country home open to visitors in the UK has somewhere to enjoy a delicious lunch. You’ll find a lovely array of cuisine wherever you go – some places will sell traditional English lunches like scones and tea, whereas others will serve up a slice of pizza to enjoy in the middle of your visit. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy unique views while you sit and relax with your food of choice.

8: For a Unique Team Event

Some team events leave staff bored and itching to get home – that won’t be the case if you hold a corporate event at a country home in the UK. It’s an incredibly unique setting for any type of event you wish to throw for the company; whether you want guests to roll up on the red carpet or hold a product launch, a country home will accommodate you.

9: For a Fun Trip with the Kids 

Finding somewhere to go with the kids can become tricky, especially when you’ve already ticked off all the parks in your local area. A country home can provide that fun day out that the family desperately needs. Not only do the parents get to enjoy an education in UK culture, but the kids can also marvel at all the brilliant architecture and old artwork. Plus, once they’ve grown tired of the home itself, they’ll have lots of nature to explore outside. They’ll be falling asleep on the way home!

10: To Escape for a Little While

In the non-stop work culture that is ever-present in this day and age, having a historical home to wander through is a true treasure. You can take your mind back to the 18th, 17th, 16th, and 15th centuries while you walk through each unique room and take in the blissful outdoors. It can even provide a mind reset – when you’ve spent too long crammed in an office or big city, gaining some perspective in a place of true history is exactly what you need to gain some perspective.

No one can deny just how interesting UK’s culture and history is. By getting out there and visiting some of its beautiful country homes, you can see it for yourself.